The Weatherman

When Serena Frost starts a new job at the British Weather Centre, she learns about a rival company,, whose forecasts are uncannily accurate. A chance encounter with Readiweather's founder piques Serena's interest, but she soon finds both her heart and her life in danger, as some people will stop at nothing to discover Readiweather's secret.


2. Chapter Two

Serena arrived at work the next day, bedraggled and an hour late.

            “Sorry I’m late,” she explained to Foot. “Leaves on the line.”

            “That old one?” Foot raised his left eyebrow.

            “They were still attached to the trees,” Serena continued.

            “I’ve not been in long myself,” Foot countered. “No sign of  Rob or Bill yet either. Half the people in the corridor haven’t made it in.”

            “I’m just going to get a drink of water,” he added as Serena sat down. “Would you like me to get you one?”

            “That would be nice, thanks,” she answered, handing him her glass. “Though I could probably wring myself out into a glass and drink that.” He disappeared and returned a few minutes later with the water and a bunch of paper towels.

            “Thought you might need these,” he added

            “Thanks,” Serena smiled, taking them and mopping her face. They weren’t much use for her hair and clothes of course, but they’d dry soon enough.

            “Here, let me,” Drew offered, taking the towels back and carefully wiping the water away from her forehead and neck. Their faces were within inches of each other and she could feel the warmth of  his breath on her face.

            There was a knock at the door and they both jumped. Barry Silverman, Green’s boss was stood in the doorway. “Just wanted to check everyone was OK in here,” he explained. “Rob’s just called to say the roads are so bad he won’t be able to make it.”

            When Silverman had left, Drew threw the wet towels in a nearby bin. “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you,” he said cheerfully as he returned to his desk.

            “Don’t worry, I will.” Serena smiled back. She logged into her PC and set a program running, then looked up the BBC News website while she was waiting. The main page was dominated by news and photographs of the storm, which had affected most of Southern England with an estimated cost running into billions. In Parliament, the Leader of the Opposition was already calling for a full inquiry as to why the Weather Centre had failed to warn of the event. She was still reading when Bill arrived.

            “What a morning!” he exclaimed. “ReadiWeather have been lucky, that’s for sure!”


            Weeks passed. In the long run up to Christmas, Serena became more settled and  confident in her job and found herself enjoying it more than she had expected. By now Drew’s flirtations with her had developed to dating, though as yet they had not made their relationship official.

            “What do you think?” Bill asked her one day. “Do you think we’ll have a White Christmas?”

            “The bookies are cutting the odds,” Drew remarked. “Since ReadiWeather predicted one.”

            Brewer snorted. “We won’t get one. The models are predicting above average temperatures through to the New Year.”

            “I’m not sure,” Serena responded thoughtfully. “Readiweather were right about the September storm.” Brewer tilted his head back and laughed.


            Christmas Day dawned cooler than predicted, though not by much. As Serena had no family to go back to, Drew had invited her over to his family’s Christmas dinner. Slightly awed by the prospect of spending dinner with the Chief Executive, she nevertheless agreed and was rapidly accepted as part of the family.

            “I suppose I’d better be going,” she said after the last of the washing up had been completed and the afternoon’s big film watched.

            “So soon?” Drew’s mother asked, disappointedly.

            “It’s been a wonderful day, thank you, but I really can’t intrude any longer,” Serena answered, grabbing her red winter coat from the end of the banisters. Drew helped her put it on, then kissed her as she prepared to leave. “Thanks once again,” she called out into the living room as he opened the front door to her.

            “I’ll run you back,” he offered. “It’s cold out there now.”

            It was as well that he did, because by the time they had reached Serena’s house, it was snowing heavily.


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