The Weatherman

When Serena Frost starts a new job at the British Weather Centre, she learns about a rival company,, whose forecasts are uncannily accurate. A chance encounter with Readiweather's founder piques Serena's interest, but she soon finds both her heart and her life in danger, as some people will stop at nothing to discover Readiweather's secret.


10. Chapter Ten

There were tears in Serena’s eyes as she walked away from Jeff’s home, her phone in one hand, the holdall in the other.

“Hi Drew,” she sobbed, when he’d answered her call. “Jeff’s thrown me out.”

“I’ll be round in twenty minutes,” he promised.


The street lamps were just starting to come on when Drew’s car pulled up at Kings Meadow car park. Drew stepped out and hugged Serena.

“What happened, babe?” he asked with concern.

Serena told him the story as they drove to Drew’s flat and he helped her carry the holdall inside and up the flights of stairs to the third floor.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight,” he offered, sensing Serena’s mood.

“Thanks,” Serena nodded. There was a long silence.

“That’s certainly odd about the pool,” Drew commented. “Did you say he incinerated everything you’d been wearing?”

“Yeah,” Serena confirmed, then remembered a scrunchie around her left wrist, where she’d put it while she’d washed her hair. “Apart from this,” she added.

Drew disappeared into the kitchen and emerged with two freezer bags. “Put it in here,” he said. “Do you have another one?”

“It’s in the holdall.” Drew rummaged in the bag and pulled out a second scrunchie. “Why?”

“A friend of mine does chemical analysis at the University,” Drew explained. “I’d like to know exactly what was in that pool. If he analyses both scrunchies…”

“He can find out which chemicals are in the scrunchie naturally and which came from the pool?”




Jeff stared at his computer monitor. The forecast model was working perfectly again now, but he felt thoroughly demoralised. Since he’d thrown Serena out, the house had seemed empty. For someone normally accustomed to living alone, now he hated it. He wandered morosely into what had been her bedroom. The red dress lay neatly on the bed, with a note attached. He picked the note up and read it.


“Jeff. Thank you for all your support in the last few weeks. You offered me nothing but kindness and I threw it all back in your face. I’m so sorry for letting you down like that.

Thank you for the dress. It really is lovely but it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to accept it now. Please take it back to the shop and get a refund. I'll pay you for the other clothes as soon as the insurance pay up.

You’re a good man, Jeff. Take care.

            Serena  x.”


Jeff collapsed onto his knees and wept

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