The Weatherman

When Serena Frost starts a new job at the British Weather Centre, she learns about a rival company,, whose forecasts are uncannily accurate. A chance encounter with Readiweather's founder piques Serena's interest, but she soon finds both her heart and her life in danger, as some people will stop at nothing to discover Readiweather's secret.


14. Chapter Fourteen

Still coming to terms with the shock, Serena stepped back into Jeff’s living quarters. He lay motionless on the floor where he had fallen, the large pool of blood around him clear proof that he was gone. Serena bent down to check for breathing just in case, but there was none. There was nothing she could do for him…or was there? She walked over to the laptop and looked through the folders. After a few minutes’ searching, she found what she was looking for. The CCTV footage. With the aid of a video editing package, she cut out the relevant segment, forcing herself to watch the harrowing footage of Jeff’s death again, and saving it into the smallest file format she could. She opened up Outlook, created a new email message to the same address she’d sent the message about the playing card to, and attached the file. The timer icon rotated on the screen for several minutes and she expected to see an error message saying she had exceeded the attachment limit, but eventually the file was attached.

            “Jeff,” she typed. “I think you need to see this footage from your CCTV. Serena.”

            She moved the cursor over the “Send” button. Would her plan work? If it didn’t, there was something else she needed Jeff to know.

            “BTW, I love you,” she typed, sent the email, and collapsed into tears.


            “I love you too,” said a familiar voice from behind Serena. She stood up and turned around. “Jeff?”

            He looked her over and noticed the blisters covering her face and arms.

            “Take a cold shower while I call an ambulance,” he said. “I’ll explain the rest later.”


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