This is our fate

My friend Marie is completely and utterly obsessed with this brit-irish boy band that I think is called One Direction. When she wins tickets and back-stage passes to their concerts in England; She drags me along on one of her many adventures. The only reason I'm going is because their's a Irish boy in the band, and well, I'm Irish. Maybe he speaks Gaelic. When we meet them we could talk about people and they would never know, maybe I would have fun on this little trip.


4. Chapter 4

Dana's p.o.v

It was 6:55 and I only had a few more things to do. I was wearing a black bandeau chiffon dress that had a beige belt around my waist. I put on my beige heels and my bucci mirador cuff. I had my long brown hair in loose, curly ringlets that fell across my left shoulder. I put on biege, pearl earrings and Marie did my make-up.

"You look perfect." Marie said.

I stood up and looked in the mirror. I really did look great, and guess what? I picked out this outfit on my own! I felt so proud of myself. I put my phone and some money in my purse and waited for Liam to come get me. A knock came to our hotel door and I shot off my bed. I gave Marie a hug and she returned with a reassuring smile.

"Have fun." I walked to the door and swung it open. Liam and Niall stood there.

"Niall?" I laughed.

"I just wanted to make sure he was a gentleman." Niall replied.

"Oh my. Come inside and hang out with Marie." I pulled him in our room. He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you, have fun." He smiled as I shut the door.

"Right this way mi'lady." Liam held out his arm for me to take. We walked out of the hotel and were mobbed my camera's. Liam helped me to the limo and we slid in.

"Sorry about that." He shrugged.

"It's fine." I giggled. "So where are you taking me, Mr.Payne?" 

"Well, Ms.Williams. That is disclosed information." He winked at me.

I hate surprises.

We pulled in front of a fancy resturant. I sure as hell couldn't pronounce the name of it. Liam and I walked up to the greeter and he looked from Liam to me.

"Liam! How are you mate? You want your regular table?" He said stepping down from his podium.

"Yeah man." They did there 'bro handshake' and Liam grabbed my hand and guided me inside. I feel bad because we just strode right past the people who were waiting in line. We were sat by a window and Liam was looking at me. He must take girls here, cause that guy knew him, and Liam definately knew him.

"No, I don't take a lot of girls here." It was almost as if he was reading my mind.

I just nodded. Our waitor came back and looked from me to Liam.

"You must be special. He never brings girls here." He smiled at me. "Can I take your orders?"

"Ughm, Yeah. I would like the spring salad with grilled chicken and a glass of water." I handed him my menu and waited for Liam to order.

"I would like the 15 oz steak please." 

"Regular sides?"

Liam nodded and he walked off.

"So, uh. Tell me more about you and Marie." Liam chuckled.

"About the bi-sexual thing?" I questioned. I never felt awkward talking about it, I am who I am, don't like it? Suck it.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"Well, we met in 8th grade. Before then I had always been interested in guys. She was more experienced than I was. She had told me about her girlfriend before she moved. Then one night when we were hanging out, she kissed me, and I kissed her back. Then we started dating. People judged us at first, but then they didn't really care anymore. Guys started hitting on us left and right because they just wanted to see some girl on girl action. Then in 9th grade she brought up the subject of sex. So we did."

"Like this?" Liam scissored his fingers together.

"Exactly like that." I laughed.

"Did you love her?"

"Of course I did. But I didn't want to ruin our friendship. I've dated and had sex with other girls besides her, but It was never the same." 

"That's hot." Liam repeated himself from last night.

I giggled and looked him in the eyes. "Keep those comments to yourself, Liam." 

"I'm sorry, but it is!" He laughed.

I rolled my eyes and our waitor brought our food. He set my salad down in front of my and my mouth instantly started to water. The food looked so good. 

"Liam, can I tell you something?" I said between bites of food.

"Go ahead sweets." 

"This is my first date." I said quietly.

"Well, I'm honored it's with me." He smiled. "So, how is your first date?"

"Well, I'm with this amazing guy that I met the other day. He's really sweet and he gives me butterflies." I didn't realize how dumb I sounded until I said that. 

"I'm with a beautiful girl that I met the other day, she's funny and she's herself. I really like her and I hope we can be more than just friends." 

"Someday." I replied. He was leaving in a few days, I didn't want to get caught up with him and then he just leaves. That wouldn't work. I've never had a long distance relationship so...

"You wouldn't be up for a long distance relationship?" He asked taking a sip of his wine.

"I've never had one, so I don't know how they would work." 

"Well, we would skype everyday and when I'm close, we'd meet up."

"Hmm." I sighed.

"You don't have to answer now." He smiled reassuringly.

I've never been in a actual relationship with a guy. Liam was giving me a lot of firsts.I liked it. I don't know him enough to date him, so let's just see how the next few days go, and I'll answer him before he leaves.

"I'll give you an answer before you leave." I smiled.


We left the resturant and camera's and paps mobbed us one again. We quickly got into the limo and made our way to the next destination.

"Dinner was great, thanks Liam." 

"It was no problem." He chuckled. We pulled into a little ice creme shoppe and Liam ushered me inside. I got chocolate chip cookie dough and Liam got plain chocolate. We walked around downtown hand in hand. It was a beautiful night out. The breeze was slight and we had a view of the London Eye. I could feel people looking at us as we walked along. A few hesitated to come up to us, while others did. One of the fans was really nice.

"Is this your new girlfriend Liam?" She asked.

"I hope so." He smiled at me.

"AWUH! That's so cute." She smiled. "You're really lucky, and you're pretty, when you guys start dating don't let those stupid twitter trolls get to you." She whispered in my ear and walked off.

"You ready to go to our last stop?" Liam asked me.

"If every date we have is like this, then I don't think I can date you. You spend so much money and it makes me feel bad."

"Aw, come on. I just wanted to make you feel special." 

"Well, mission accomplished." I giggled.

"Okay, let's go to the last stop." He pulled on my hand.

We arrived at a beach.

"A beach?" I questioned him.

"Yeah, for a walk along the water." He pulled his shoes off and rolled up his pants.

I was having a little trouble getting my shoes off and Liam came over to help me.

"SUPERMAN TO THE RESCUE!" He shouted. I laughed so hard. He pulled my shoes off and picked me up bridal stye. He led me out to the shore and I was looking into his eyes the entire time. He was so wonderful. He set me on my feet and we started walking.

"So, you really wanna be my superman, huh?" I asked, reffering to Liams whole superman montage earlier.

"Of course. And your batman. I would also be your woody if you'd be my Andy." I can't believe he just reffered our date to toy story. That was the cutest thing I had ever heard.

"Okay Liam. I'll be your Andy." I said leaning on his arm.

"So, I can be your woody?" He grinned. I silently giggled at how sexual that sounded.

"Yup." I said. He stopped in front of me and held both of my hands in his. He looked down on me. He pulled me to him and hugged me. He rested his chin on top of my head, yeah I'm pretty short. I wrapped my arms around his back and he pulled away from me. He leaned down and kissed me on my forehead. We started walking back to limo and I fell asleep on him the way back to the hotel.

Liam's p.o.v

I heard Dana's breathing slow as she fell asleep against me on the way back to the hotel. I picked her up and carried her into the hotel. I stepped into the elevator and a fan got on at one of the floors.

"You...You're Liam Payne!" She screetched.

"Shh. She's asleep." I hushed her.

"Could you sign this?" She handed me a pen. She flipped her phone over and I signed the back of her phone case.

"There you are love." She giggled and got out of the elevator. I made it her room and I heard light moans coming from inside the room. Niall was probably getting some. I took her back to my room and laid her on the bed. I was going to dress her in more comfortable clothes, but I didn't want her to be mad at me for seeing her half naked while she was unconsious.

I changed into a t-shirt and some joggers. I slid under the blackets and wrapped my arms around Dana. She was so perfect and beautiful. And she was mine.


I'll be your woody if you'll be my andy XD how corny, smooth Liam.

Hahha. Anyways, I really liked this chapter, what about you?

I want your guys feedback! Kik me at laurynbly


I love you guys <3 (:



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