This is our fate

My friend Marie is completely and utterly obsessed with this brit-irish boy band that I think is called One Direction. When she wins tickets and back-stage passes to their concerts in England; She drags me along on one of her many adventures. The only reason I'm going is because their's a Irish boy in the band, and well, I'm Irish. Maybe he speaks Gaelic. When we meet them we could talk about people and they would never know, maybe I would have fun on this little trip.


20. Chapter 20

Niall's p.o.v

Marie has been pacing back the forth, the doctors refuse to tell us anything other than that she has been in critical condition for the past week. Marie hasn't and probably isn't going to forgive herself for letting her leave. She definately isn't going to forgive Liam. It's a bond between bestfriends that I'll never understand. Everytime Shelly speakes up Marie just shoots her a glare that tells her to shut her mouth. Liam keeps telling her to be nicer, but Marie isn't going to listen. Marie may be more stubborn than Dana - if that's possible. Don't get me wrong, I'm so worried about her. I rang mum about it and she isn't too happy. I don't know what I'll do if my sister doesn't make it out alive. 

"Liam, can I talk to you for a second? Babe, promise you'll behave yourself." The last part was aimed towards Marie.

"I can make no promises." She hissed. I shook my head and walked into the hallway with Liam.

"Liam, man. I know you thought Dana didn't want anything to do with you, but she did. She loves you. I hate to see my sister hurting. I know you still love her." I put my hand on his shoulder. It was obvious they were still in love. Even if neither of them showed it, the indeniable love was there. I wanted to see my sister happy and I know that she wasn't going to be happy unless she was with Liam. He was a part of her.

"She doesn't want anything to do with me! She hates me! She's definately going to hate me after this. I drove her away. If I hadn't of been such a asshole this would've never happened! None of it! We would've still been happily in love!" Liam was hurting just as bad as Dana was.

"I know my sister. She loves you just as much as you love her - maybe even more."

"You think so?" He questioned quietly.

"I know so, mate." I patted his back. "But that means Shelly has to go." 

"But I like her..." 

"And you love my sister."

"I do." He smiled and stared off into space.

"Do what you gatta do man." I nodded and walked off. Of course Marie was mumbling things under her breath when I walked into the waiting room. I sat down next to her and brought her ear to my mouth.

"Baby. you don't have to worry about her anymore, Liam's breaking up with her." I whispered into her ear.

"You serious?! Like you're for serious right now?!" This was the happiest I've seen her in a couple weeks, at other peoples sadness. "Good, cause that bitch has to go." Marie spat. I loved when she was like this, I don't know why, it just was so....attractive.

Liam's p.o.v

"Shell? Can I talk to you?" I asked her.

"Sure baby!" She stood up and bounerd over to me. I dragged her into the hallway Niall and I were recently in and took a deep breath.

"I really like you and all..." I started off.

"Yeah? Go on!" She smiled.

"But, I just don't think we're going to work out...I still love Dana." I put my head down only to snap it back up cause Shelly was flipping out.

"I thought you loved ME Liam! Not HER! She's a tramp Liam! Why would you love her?!" She snapped.

"I was trying to defend you and love came out other than like. I LIKE you. I don't LOVE you. The only person I love is in a hospital bed and it's my fault. She needs me just as much as I need her." I finished, I could've said something better but hey.

"You're a asshole Liam James Payne!" She shouted before hitting me on my chest.

"Get your hands off my man." Someone said behind us. I turned and saw Dana leaning on an I.V post for support. She looked weak and was haunched over. I rushed over to her and engulfed her in a soft hug, not wanting to hurt her.

"Liam, it's me or her." Shelly scoffed from behind me. I turned and looked at Shelly, but this time with my arm snaked around Dana's fraile waist. 

"It's Dana. It always has been." I turned from her and kissed Dana on her lips. She reluctantly kissed back and I smiled. I pulled away from her and she had a glistening tear sliding down her cheek. i wiped it away with my thumb.

"I love you Liam." She said between sobs of joy.

"I love you too Dana! I will NEVER leave you again." I hugged her again and kissed the top of her head. I had my Dana back.


This is like the shortest chapter ever and I'm so sorry omg. I'm mad at myself but I'm really tired and I wan'ted you guys to see this chapterrr. Lovee you guys <3



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