This is our fate

My friend Marie is completely and utterly obsessed with this brit-irish boy band that I think is called One Direction. When she wins tickets and back-stage passes to their concerts in England; She drags me along on one of her many adventures. The only reason I'm going is because their's a Irish boy in the band, and well, I'm Irish. Maybe he speaks Gaelic. When we meet them we could talk about people and they would never know, maybe I would have fun on this little trip.


16. Chapter 16

Dana's p.o.v

All I've been doing is sitting in my bed crying for days on end. I miss Liam. As much as I just want to punch him in the face, I want to hug him even more. Maybe after ignoring him for 2 weeks, he's come to his senses. I texted him and told him to come over, but he could only come over if he brought me my favorurite donut. He texted back within like .5 seconds and said he'd be right over. Now to prepare for the waterworks. I know I'm going to cry when I'm talking to him. I cry whenever I think about him. I laid down in my bed and waited for Liam to come over.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME AROUND HER!" Niall shouted. Marie burst into my room and gave me a concerned look.

"Liam's here." She said quietly.

"I know, I asked him to come over, I wanted to talk to him." I sat up. I got out of my bed and hurried downstairs before Niall hit Liam.

"Niall, it's okay. I told him to come over." I put my hand on Niall's back.

"Why?! He's hurt you so much!" Niall shouted.

"Niall, he and I need to talk about this. Just chill, okay?" I grabbed Liam's hand and pulled him into the house. We walked up to my room and I felt his eyes burning into my body. I closed my bedroom door and looked at him.

"Do you have my donut?" I asked. He haded me a bag and I opened it. He was lucky, he got my favourite kind. 

"Okay Payne. Talk." 

"I messed up. I know, but I need you. I have been miserable without seeing you everyday. I love you Dana. Please, let me make everything up to you. I'll do everything I can, just please don't tell me there isn't any chance of us getting back together."

"I just wanna know what in the bloody hell made you think it would be okay to LEAVE me after I lost my fucking baby! Then to hook up with your ex! What the fuck was that Liam?! Then you tell me it was MY fault! I'm 17, I didn't know I couldn't carry babies!" I started to cry. "Liam, I know you love me, but I don't want you to walk out on me again! What if by chance I ever do get pregnant again? You gunna yell at me and tell me to leave like you did the first time? Then guess what? I'll be a single mum, because If I decide to give you another chance, it'll be your last one. No more."

"I didn't think it was okay, I knew it was wrong I was just so angry. I loved that baby. It was going to be little girl/boy. Hooking up with Dani was the worst thing I could ever do. I didn't mean it when I said it was your fault, it just came out wrong. I will never walk out on you again. If you ever get pregnant again, it'll be a miracle, and I'll be there every step of the way. I want to have a child with you, you have no clue. Please give me another chance. I will NOT mess it up. I just wanna be in your life, please." He nuzzled his head in to the crook of my neck. I wanted to push him away but his scent was so invigorating. He had his hands on the small of my back, holding me in place so I couldn't move from his grasp even if I wanted too. He kissed my neck and I pushed him off me.

"I never said we were back together." 

"But, Dana-"

"No Liam. I want to think about it." 

"Can...Can I atleast hold you?" He said quietly.

I didn't say anything. I just nodded and made my way over to his arms. He embraced me in a tight hug and started gently rocking me back and forth. I had my arms down at my sides.

"Hug me back." He said.

I shook my head.

"Dana, don't be so stubborn. Just do it." 

I huffed and lazily wrapped my arms around his back. He kissed the top of my head, then rested his chin on it. He started walking me backwords and we fell on my bed. He kept a tight hold on me as he urged my leg beween his. He sighed in content with our current position. I closed my eyes and let the tears dry. 

"I love you Day." 

I ignored him and tried to sleep. Soon I was out cold.

Liam's p.o.v

Dana is so stubborn. I don't mind though, that's what attracts me to her. As I lay there with her in my arms it makes me think of how much of a douche I have been. She might not take me back and it's my fault. I nudged her in-between mine so I could feel closer to her. She snuggled up to me and got comfortable. I sighed in content with our positions and stared at the broken picture of us on her nightstand. We were at a beach back in America. Se was in her cute, blue bikini and had sunglasses on. Her hair cascaded down her front and her smile was perfect. She had her arm wrapped around my waist and I had mine on her shoulder. It was before she got pregnant. We were so happy, I really hope one day, we can be that happy again. It would kill me to loose her again. I loved her more than words can even begin to describe. I closed my eyes and inhlaed the scent of her strawberry shampoo and fell asleep.

Niall's p.o.v

I can't believe that douchebag is here! And to make it worse, she invited him over! He's hurt her so much, I can't believe him! As I'm pacing back and forth in my bedroom, listening to make sure that Dana doesn't start crying Marie is staring at me.

"Niall, she's a big girl, she can handle this on her own. You aren't always going to be there for her." She said.

"I just don't want him hurting her anymore!" I admitted.

"Niall. Dana is a very strong willed person. She needs to handle this on her own, if you make every decision for her she won't know wrong from right." She grabbed one of my hands then put her other hand on my chest.

"Maire, I don't know where I'd be without you, you always know how to calm me down." I nuzzled my head into her neck and kissed her.

"Well, I don't like seeing you upset." She giggled.

"Come here." I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She smiled and wrapped her legs around my waist and had her hands on the nape of my neck.

"I love you Marie." 

"I love you too Nialler." 

I gently sat her down on my bed and took her pants off. I unzipped mine and pulled them down. I pushed into her and she moaned. Her nails dug into my back, causing me to grunt. Her back arched and I scooped her up and got into a sitting position. Her head flew back as she let out quick, hard spurts of breath. She had her hands on my shoulders as she gently rode me. I watched as she became completey undone above me. I released into her a few seconds later and she clung to me, our breathing coming out violently.

"Mm. I needed that." I panted.

"So did I." She whispered. She got off me and grabbed my hand, pulling me to the bathroom with her. We got in the shower and washed up. While she was dressing I walked downstairs and saw Liam sitting at the kitchen island with his phone in his hands.

"Hey mate." I said sitting down next to him.

"Hey." he said awkwardly.

"I'm sorry about hitting you, and cussing you out. I'm just sorry for everything man." I patted his back.

"I appreciate that man." He smiled at me.

"I just wanna know, why'd you do it?" I asked.

"I was mad. We lost the baby and I didn't wanna look at her without seeing the baby bump. It made me feel like she wanted not only me, but to be a family. I thought that if I got with someone else, I could feel better but it made me feel even worse. I'm sorry man. I can understand if you hate me. You have every reason to hate me."

"I don't hate you man. But when I see my sister hurt, the protective instict in me takes over."

"I understand." He smiled at me.

"Why are you down here?" I asked, getting up to grab some crisps.

"Dana fell asleep and my phone started ringing. I didn't want to wake her up."

"Oh, okay." I nodded and walked back up the stairs and found Marie cuddling in my bed.

"Hey baby." She smiled and sat up.

"Mm. You look good in my clothes." I smiled.

She giggled and laid back down. I sat down next tp her and turned the telly on while I kept muching away at my crisps.


Should Liam and Dana get back together or no?

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