Laura and her eightenn year old sister, Emma, have to look after the whole family when her dad clears off. Their mum is very unwell and the girls have no one to turn to.


2. Mr Burcan

He had been best friend with my granddad up until he had died two years ago. Mr Burcan was really upset when he died so he promised to look after Mum and us. The poor man stuck to his word and had never not called in with us. My sister always says without him we would be dead.


It’s been about two years since my dad left. He had gone bananas when mum had told him she had cancer. My dad, Rory, left during the night and we haven’t seen him since. My mum cried for two days straight. She was heartbroken. Two weeks after he left he sent Emma and I, a letter explaining why he had left. He also sent us one thousand pounds to help look after mum. Dad promised he would keep sending us letters and money, but that was the first and last letter we got.


We rarely got to talk to mum as she had never enough energy. She was on this oxygen machine which my little brother, Oisin called the Monster. Oisin would always cheer us up when we were sad.


Oisin loved football, so as a treat Mr Burcan took Oisin and me to the park. I sometimes felt sorry for Emma because she never got out, and she was eighteen. Normal eighteen year olds go partying and had nice boyfriends, but Emma always put her family first.


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