Best Sweet 16

these 5 best friend get together on Kimberly's sweet 16 and party, have fun and go to a concert and they finally found where there life is taking them.


5. Time To Party(:


I decided I wanted to go and have fun and party, so I told Jessie and Brittany about the party and they said they would go with me. Now all I had to do was wake up the other girls and get read. “Hey Bree wake up we are going to a party. And we got to get up and get ready!” she got up and when to the bath room. “CAITLYN WACKY WACKY, WE ARE GOING TO A PARTY LETS GO OR WE WILL LEAVE YOU HERE WITH THE GIRL FROM TE MOVIE EVIL DEAD!!!!” I screamed at her to get her up. Right after I said we was going to leave her here with the lady from the Evil Dead she jumped up fast. All we had to do was change our clothes, do our hair and brush our teeth. We when to my room to find some cute clothes. Later we all found what we wanted. I wore a navy ruffled lace dress with cowboy boots and a light navy purse. Jessie was wearing a tight one shoulder black dress with a silver belt and black designed flats. Bree wore a hot pink tight dress with designed on the arms with cheetah print flaps with hot pink out lines. Brittany said she wanted to wear a black and white doted lace shirt with light blue skinny jeans and black ruffled sandals. Caitlyn wore a blue with gray striped dress with a light blue scarf and some gold slip-on flats and a matching purse. When we was all done, we left the house and it was around 7:30pm. We still had a long time to party and have fun. It was about a 30 min drive from Atlanta to Douglasville (where I use to live). “we should be there in about 10 mins.” I said on the phone with Eli “Ok baby girl see you when you get here” he said back I could already hear the music in the back “OK see you later” “K love u” I cant believe he said that to me it has been FOREVER since we dated… “Love u to” and I hung up. “What was that all about?” Bree asked me as I hung up “Um I don’t know.. I mean I don’t know if he was just saying that because we are friends cuz she calls me baby girl or if he likes me again…” “Well do u still like him?” Caitlyn asked I didn't really want to answer that question because I really don’t know if I liked him I mean ya I think he is still cute but we are just friends, right?

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