Best Sweet 16

these 5 best friend get together on Kimberly's sweet 16 and party, have fun and go to a concert and they finally found where there life is taking them.


4. The Mall



We all woke up and took showers then ate breakfast. “Hey when did u say the concert was?” “This weekend!!” I said “Well we better go to the mall then!” yelled Jessie “I know. When do yall want to go?” “um right know?” Caitlyn asked “Ya lets go now.” Bree said “ok I guess we are going to the mall(:” we got ready and on the way out I told momma. “Ok have fun be back before… 1:00am.” “ok mom” and we was out the door. When we got to the mall we when to Hollister, Bags&Things, Rue21, Forever21, American Eagle, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Chastain & Co. Hair Salon/Day Spa, Foot Locker. After we left the mall we was all hungry and tired of walking so we when to Texas Rode House then home when we got back it was around 6:00pm. So we was about to watch a movie and take a nap. When me Jessie and Brittany got up we put on another movie waiting for the others to get up. The movie Evil Dead had just started when my phone when off it was one of my friends from my old school. From: #Nikki# hey girl r u coming down today? What was she talking about. To: #Nikki# wat u mean? And in just a min she text me back… From: #Nikki# Did Eli not tell u? Eli was one of my ex but we are really close friends now To: #Nikki# um no…?? From: #Nikki# well he said he was going to. To: #Nikki# well he didn’t in fact I haven’t talked to him in a long time. Right after I sent that to her I got another text. From: #best guy friend(; (Eli) hey chick what are you doing tonight??  To: #best guy friend(; (Eli) um idk what is up with Nikki texting me the same thing and was u suppose to tell me something? From: #best guy friend(; (Eli) oh um ya I kind of for got but I guess Nikki has told u?? To: #best guy friend(; (Eli) um no she was but… From: #best guy friend(; (Eli) oh but we are having a party do u want to come down and maybe bring some friends (; lol but HAPPY SWEET 16 baby girl!!

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