Best Sweet 16

these 5 best friend get together on Kimberly's sweet 16 and party, have fun and go to a concert and they finally found where there life is taking them.


7. The Fight





I could already tell Jessie didn’t like Nikki. She was really getting on my nerves I mean she was ALL over him and it was just making me mad!! It was eating me up, she knew we still had a “thing” for each other but just a little one. We were at the park and Eli told me he needs to talk to me so we walked away from the others. “Um Kimberly I don’t know how to put this...” he said a little worried “What are you talking about??” “Kimberly this is the only way I can show you.” And he kissed me. It wasn’t one of them hard, short, wet kiss but a long, slow, real nice kiss. That was the first time he had ever kissed me and even when we were dating. I was in shock at first but then kissed him back. “OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING KISSING THIS. THIS THING!!!! YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO KISS ME YOU JERK!!!!” Nikki screamed at him as she seen us kiss. Oh dear god. “What are you talking about? I don’t like you like!” ‘like that” he said right after. Oh you could tell she was mad. Then here comes Bree, Brittany, Jessie and Caitlyn one after another. “whoa what is going on here?” Bree asked “he was kissing this slob!!” “Um excuse you what did you say about my sister?!?!!??” Bree said very mad “oh that must be why you two are both ugly” it said I wasn’t sure what it was at this point. “OH H*** TO THE NO!! I KNOW YOU DIDN’T?” “Um I did” she said with a smirk on her face. Oh snap this is about to get real ugly real fast! Oh here comes Jessie. “Hunty let me tell you something, I have been wanting to tell you this since we got here and I met you. You have no and I mean NO right to talk about some one being ugly because you are the one that looks like a rat on meth. And next time you call ANY one of my friends a slob you are going to have a little problem on your hands. You are SO annoying I’m no even playing!” Jessie took over “well what are you going to be o me if I do call your “friends” slobs?” “oh do it and then you’ll see, if you want to.” “You. Are. All. SLOBS!!” oh no she didn’t Jessie walked closer to Nikki and Nikki backed up. Jessie was wearing ear rings and a necklaces she went over to Eli and gave it to him and we all gave our things to him. There was about to be a fight!





I blacked out and the next thing I know I wake up in the hospital. There were doctors all around me, all different kinds of wires in me and tubes. It all was flashing in my mind, the fight, him kissing her, me calling her a slob. Ugh just thinking about it makes me mad. I was never her friend she was just the most popular girl in school and she was friends with the HOTTEST guy in school Eli and if I didn’t date him I would be so popular.

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