Best Sweet 16

these 5 best friend get together on Kimberly's sweet 16 and party, have fun and go to a concert and they finally found where there life is taking them.


6. Kimberly & Eli<3


“hello, Kimberly are u ok?” “um ya, I think.” Well you where zoned out.” Jessie said. I really, really didn't want to answer that question, I mean I didn't even know how! We had just pulled up and I didn't have to answer it because I stopped the car, unbuckled and jumped out of the car and hugged Nikki.




After she got off the phone with Eli she was acting all weird and we all knew about her thing with Eli. I think she does like him. She had ONCE told me that she did but that was forever ago and I don’t know if she still likes him… I know what I have to do tonight. So we all got out and when to where Kimberly was and introduced our self to Kimberly’s friends Nikki and Eli and 4 more. They all told stories of when she use to go to their school. We all got hungry and when to eat at some Japanese place it was pretty good. We went to the park and hung out. At first I didn't like Nikki she was to loud, dramatic and annoying but now that I have got to know her she seems pretty cool now. But back to the thing with Kimberly and Eli, I think they was so cute together I mean they was all over each other. You could tell Nikki was jealous of her because when Kimberly and Eli was in a conversation she would just walk up and just be all over him. If I was Kimberly I would get her by her hair and punch her in the face but that’s just me. So I know what I have to do tonight…

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