Best Sweet 16

these 5 best friend get together on Kimberly's sweet 16 and party, have fun and go to a concert and they finally found where there life is taking them.


2. Fashion Show!


it was ONE DIRECTION concert back stage passes and plan tickets to London!!! I was so happy words couldn't say how happy I was, so I just stared to cry I was so happy and It had five passes and five tickets. That was enough for Me, Jessie, Bree, Brittany and Caitlyn to go so it would be me getting to met Liam, Jessie to met Harry, Bree to met Louis, Brittany to met Zayn and Caitlyn to met Niall. “omg I love you mom and dad so much!!” I said as I was crying. Jessie just laughed at me because she knew what it was. After I was done and every thing we when to my game room and was watching the movie Mama, and after that we watched Warm Bodies, oh I loved them both but Mama was scary. When the movies was over we got some snacks from the snack room, yes my house is pretty big but its nothing to brag about. “Hey guys! You know what we should do?” yelled Bree. “What?” I asked “Have a fashion show!!!” she said all happy. “Hey we should do that. And Kim you got all new pretty clothes for your birthday.” Said Jessie “Ok.” I said “Oh this should be fun.” Muttered Brittany. “Ok, let me go tell mom, unless yall don’t want to do it for them…??” I said “Yes lets do it for them” said Caitlyn right after I got done. So I walked down the stairs and told momma then put on some music and turned it up loud. When I got up to my room they where trying to decide what the first them was. “Why don’t we do a beach theme?” Jessie asked “Ya we can do that.” said Bree. So we all got on our clothes and did our make up. When we was ready we all walked out in a line and I was going last because every one though I had the best bikini on but I don’t see how it was just a bikini from Hollister. After we did that theme we did a dress theme then formal clothes and last a country theme I liked it. When we was all done we got showers and sat in my room “Hey Kim.” said Brittany “Ya?” I asked “Did you ever see when the concert was?” she asked “Um no I didn't think about it.” I said and got up I looked at them and was in shock “What is it Kimberly?” asked Caitlyn “Its this weekend!!” I screamed “Omg we have to go to the mall tomorrow!” Jessie said and we all talked and got sleepy so we when to bed.

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