Best Sweet 16

these 5 best friend get together on Kimberly's sweet 16 and party, have fun and go to a concert and they finally found where there life is taking them.


1. The Big Day!!


“Happy Sweet 16” My Mother yelled as I walked down the stairs to get my breakfast. “Ugh mama can I please stay home from school?? It’s my birthday.” I knew mama was going to say no but it was worth a try. “Now Kimberly you know how I feel about you staying out of school and I have to get your surprise together.” She walked off and when to make my breakfast. “Ok mom I am going to get ready!!” I yelled as I walked back up the stairs. When I got to my room I fell on my bed “ugh I wonder what my “surprise” is” I though to my self. I wanted so bad to see One Direction, you know with Liam in the band. Mmm that boy was so cute it wasn't funny. All my friends where in love with One Direction to, so I wasn't along. I had just got out of the shower and put on my make-up, clothes, and did my hair when I heard my mom yell from down stairs “Kimberly, Jessie is here come on down and eat!!” I got my stuff and ran down as fast as I could I was so happy to see her. I haven’t seen her a lot since she got a new job that she had been wanting forever. “Jessie!!!” I screamed at her when I was on the last step. “Kimberly!! I have missed you so much girl.” I hugged her and then got us both some breakfast. I was starving. We got done eating and left for school we drove my truck because mama told us to come back home for my surprise ugh I was so ready to know what it was. Jessie and I talked about what my surprise could be, what we have been doing and just checking up on stuff. Oh I loved our weird talks. We finally got to school and when we got out of my Ford F150 I had just got for my Birthday and every one come around the truck and told me “Happy Birthday” and the usual stuff and guys hitting on us and same old same old. I had just walked in he school and was attacked by two of my best friends, Brittany and Bree. I laughed and got up they told me Happy Birthday and walked with me and Jessie to my locker. I loved my friends so much they are just like sisters.


 I told them to met me at my house at 5:00 so we could see what my mama had me and have a “just us party” as Bree calls it. So me and Jessie got in my truck and when to my house and got ready for them to come over. “I want to know so BAD what I have. Do you know what it is?” I asked Jessie “I have no idea what it is.” She told me. I heard the door bell ring and we both jumped off my bed and ran down stairs. It was Brittany and Bree!! They looked so pretty. We hugged them and when to the living room where mama, my sister, daddy, and my two brothers where. “Ok mom there here” I said to her as we walked in. “Ok now lets go eat.” She said as she waved for us to come into the kitchen. We all ate and talked and laughed about every thing. “Mama can I have my “surprise” now please?” I asked her “Umm sure why not.” She said happily. “Yay! I love you mum!!” we was told to go to the living room again and they would be right out with the surprise. “Girl what if they got you like freaking ONE DIRECTION!!” she screamed “omg that would be so cool, I would probably die.” Mama had just walked in with a lot of gifts and I got a text From: Caitlyn… Hey girl Happy Birthday what’s up?? I texted her back and said To: Caitlyn… Hey thank you and sitting here with Bree, Jessie, and Brittany, and the family. Do you want to come over? I told mama to hold on Caitlyn might come over. She text me back and said From: Caitlyn… Ya sure let me get ready girl(: We sat there “she should be on her way.” I said right then the door bell rang and I got up and walked to the door. “Hey!! Happy Birthday” she said as she came in. “Thank you.” “now we can give you your surprise” my mother told us as she gave me one to open. And one after another… finally I had got done with them. I mostly got clothes, bath things, perfume, and One Direction things. “ok there is just one more gift!!” she said very happy. I was actually getting kind of scared not knowing what it was. When she came back she only had a little gift bag with that paper in it. Well this is kind of weird why did I just get it with the rest of them? I though to my self. I got it and opened it then it was a little box wow this is really weird… I looked up to see mama smiling at me. “Go ahead and open it already.” She said. So I did and when I opened it I all most died

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