Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


5. Zayn..

Makenna's POV

I really didn't know alot about Zayn besides he goes put with a girl named Perrie, and he smokes.... Weird things to know about people huh?

Have a nice nap? he asked.. Um yeah but i had a horrible night mare where my sister Glenda died, It was hoorrible!! i shout.. Zayn looks at me weirdly and says Makenna I know your going through a rough time and not wonting to believe your sister had died but Makenna she has.. he looks away from me as if he wishes Harry or Liam would pop out..I just look down and wipe my tears andtry to get off the subject by asking this.. Um Zayn I really dont know you like I know the other boys.. So can you tell me about your self???? Ehh Shure why not! I was born on Jan.12 1993 in Bradford, England My fav. food is chicken any kind though, I cant swim, Im a smoker, Im afride of the dark, Will i held Harry's hand while getting my first tat. welp anything eles you wont to know love? Nah im good thanks..

he goes out side to smoke i walk out their with him and ask him for one and we just stand out in the pouring rain smoking.. Zayn you feel like a big brother I never had..

Zayn POV

Some day i have to tell her she is my sister she just got token away and adopted.. But how?

Zayn you feel like a brother I never had she tell's me.. I look down since she only 5'2 and grab her shoulders and say Makenna I am your brother but you got adopted when you where 4 months.. I've been trying to find you forever and Pual found you and hired you.. I FOUND YOU MAKENNA I shake her

She just giggles and hugs me and askes So Im Makenna Malik?? Yes you are! we go back inside and just talk about our lifes i found out she knew Harry in high school and they went out.. Mabey thats why it was so weird between them to.. But are they a thing yet?? Hey um Makenna are you and Harry a thing? Um will I dont know yet... She responds

*later that day*

Makenna POV

The boys got home around 10P.M. boy you could tell they where drinking but Harry didnt drink he was clean!! he just went in our room so i went up to change even though he's probley asleep.. I quitely open the door and see harry looking at something...


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