Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


4. To much crying

                                                                                                        Harry's POV

Makenna do you cut?!?! she just looks down and crys.. I wrap her up and put her back on the bed and we just lay their.. she falls asleep as I play with her long black hair.. Why did i break up with you what has happend im such a dick!!

                                                                                                       My POV

I wake up to harry calling himself a dick and shit I say your not a dick and yes i cut but why i dont no.. He just takes my hand and holds it.. i miss the old days to be honnest.. I play with his curls and he shows his dimples and i poke them and he starts kissing me.. it felt like the old days i miss them.. I didnt stop him or pull back i just kissed back.. Kalli walks in and says oh shit sorry didnt know you to where makeing out!!! i giggled and looked down and harry yells OK CAN YOU GET OUT NOW i laughed she ran and slammed the door and harry asked now where were we? i rolled my eyes and got up to change.. I tottal forgot i didnt have clothes!

                                                                                                      Harry's POV

She just gets up like that.. And starts looking for clothes.. but she doesnt have any but i have some of hers.. Yes its from back in highschool.. Hey babe,I have some of your clothes from highschool.. OMG thank you Harry she runs and hugs me and i kiss her.. she grabs them and just startes changing infront of me.. I found out she has a couple tats. of her own a flower and a broken heart that says love kills.. she looks at me and giggles and says do you mind harry even though she was already dressed.. she wore a pink tank top and dark blue jeans with one of my belts since the jeans she had on where to big! she puts on makeup and does her hair.. i walk into the bath room gwosh your so perfect as i wrapp my arms around her.. she giggles and kisses me..

                                                                                                makenna pov

He is so not the same i think we are a thing or something!! YAY he sweet talks me and he throws me over his shoulder and walks out side in the din to see a police.. With his hat off looking at me.. Um Mrs.Makenna.. Um Hi officer.. We must tell you that your sister Glenda has been in a horrible car wreak my smile turns into a frown my makeup smears and i just stand their and rejected it no shes not!!! SHE CANT BE your wrong!!! shes fucking alive your fucking wrong!! Harry grabbs me and just holds me winch felt like for ever!! I wake up with everyone gone besides Zayn..

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