Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


19. The wedding

Harry proposed to me the other day.. so today is the wedding. My dress is white/golden with black boots shoes and a updo.. Harry is wearing a White tux and a beanie our wedding was differnt.. Niall And Kalli got married and had 2 kids.. Kylie and kala.. Liam and his girlfriend got married and had 1 kid Kyle Louis and Elenoir got married and had 3 kids Luciy Jen and Brandon.. Zayn and Perrie got married and had 2 kids Lilly and Brooke.. Me and Harry got married and had to 2 Kids Bentley and Alexis.. And everyone lived happly ever after...



Hey guys its makenna I hoped you liked the story thank you guys so much for readin MWAH

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