Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


18. The real Liam Payn

Liams POV

Makenna I didnt write this I promise!!! She just nods.. I.. kinda liked her when we first met her.. But I have someone eles now.. But Makenna and Harry are a perfect couple.. I dont wont to mess it up.. Why did you push me then.. she askes.. Makenna what time was it when I pushed you?? she says aroun 3 AM.. Makenna I sleep walk.. When the boys and I come to live here I would push them... Oh she say... She was haging on to the towel for dear life.. I get up and walk out... Harry gets out of the shower and walks into Makenna's and his room...

Harry POV

I walk in to see Makenna taking off her makeup and pulling up her hair into a bun.. Even when she's not perfect she still is..  Kalli is her best friend and Kalli had to go to South Carolina for 4 months... Makenna toke it very hard... Niall went with her.. Since they've been together omost everday he said he would die.. But Makenna Looks at me and smiles.. She says um Harry just to let u know you have shaveing cream all on your face! SHIT thanks babe for telling me.... She just giggles.. And lays down.. when I come back into the room shes laying down.. so I go lay down beside her.. And I wrap her up.. I soon fall to sleep.. Then I wake up to Makenna screaming!! When I sit up she still is but shes asleep.. Soon the boys come in and see her asleep but screaming.. I look at them and Zayn comes over to wake her up.. She jumps to Zayn waking her up.. she's sweating and shes worried the boys leave and i just rub her hair intill she falls alseep so does so i go to sleep to...


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