Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


7. The one?

*The next day*

Makenna's POV

I wake up to Harry's breathing in my ear.. His scent in the air and the old times is what i fear of him doing to me.. I think he changed but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.. Is this one of them times or is it ~true love~ maybe it is.. I get up and change into one of this shirts and sweats ~winch was hard to find~ The boys went out and still haven't came back yet.. So I decide to make brunch for me and him.. I make eggs, bacon, butter toast, panckaes, and tea.. Since a lot of us dont like coffee.. Louis texted me

Hey makenna we are at the pool and ell. is with us and perrie no need to get scared~Louis<3

I was happy to hear from them and I heard foot steps come down from the bed room and I jumped when Harry's cold hands touched my waist.. He whispers I missed you.. I giggle and wipe   pancake batter on his face.. He picked me up and toke me out side and threw me into the pool!! good thing I wont like Zayn who cant swim XD.. I pull Harry into the water with me forgetting about the food on the counter.. When we get out the boys have at ate all of the food i cooked o.O fatties I say I dont think Liam likes me that much because he pushed me and i fell or either he had a bad day.. But my life has gotten better then it was when i was in high school.. I think Harry was the one but I dont know?? 

I go to our room and before i go in I hear Harry and Louis talking and Harry says 

I really like Makenna.. I really do Lou but I dont know if she feels the same way! I never felt like this about a girl before I never had a warm fuzzy feeling no one gives it to me besides her.. 

Louis says.... 

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