Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


10. Saddness

Makenna's POV

Lately ive been sad.. I dont know why when im happy mabey its because Harry hasent been home from Filming a movie... and tommorow is his last day intill he goes to Africa.. I'll be alone.. Kalli's going to Spain to vist her friend Bell.. I'll be home alone for 5 weeks.. No Harry.Louis.Zayn.Liam.Niall.Or Kalli.. what im i going to do!!!!

Harry's POV

I feel so bad since Im leaving Makenna for 5 weeks.. I dont know if I should see if she wonts to come.. but she would since she wonts to help with the kids.. HEY LOU IMMA TEXT MAKENNA REALLY FAST KK

Hey baby, I wonted to know if you wonted to come with us to Africa??

Shure boo!!!! Ill start packing our stuff xoxo ~ Makenna

Hey Pual can you go pick up Makenna at our place?? shes coming with us to Africa

Makenna's POV

I hear the horn honk its Paul I had to pack all of the boys stuff :/ I just grabbed shorts and shirts and shoes and stuff like that.. and food and water!! I run out and ask for help.. Pual comes in and see's all the lugegs and askes if i had enough??? Oh its not all mine its the boys to.. We start to put them into the boot ( trunk in america) of the car.. It started to ran on the way to the stuido.. so we just left the bags in the boot for the baguge people to get them out.. We boarded the plane.. And toke off




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