Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


16. red carpit..

Makenna POV

We got home but we had to go to a red carpit event :/ I wore a White flowy dress and golden heels with curly hair.. And All the boys wore was Black suits... We got their and Me and Harry sign autos. take pictures and stuff like that!!

I didnt recive hate.. But I did recive something that will leave a mark..

I was walking with Harry and everything went silent I turned around to see a gun pointed at my head.. I looked at Harry and he looked at me.. Some one jumped on the girls back and all you heard was BOOM!! I didnt get shot nor did the boys... But some one did bc i had red blood on my white dress I screamed and looked down to see the girl... with a bullet hole in her head.. I cried and turn to Harry who was standing their stund.. I ran and then I ran into someone and I fell I looked up to see who it was..

It was Harry's ex Taylor Swift.. She looked at me and laughed and kicked me... I yelped when a gaurd came over she spit on me.. harry came over to help me up.. I just laid their not moving so Harry carried me on to the bus.. I change and was up for atleast for 4 hours... when I come out I see Liam looking through my text I jump for my phone and he looks at me in tears.. He also had a note in his hand and askes WHO WROTE THIS MAKENNA I DIDNT I PROMISE!!!! I nod and answer i dont know it was weird since i was in a towel...

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