Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


6. Old times

Makenna's POV

So i walk into Harry's room and see him looking at something I cant really make it out but it looks like a old picture of him and a girl.. *cough* he looks at me shit i screm and he hides the picture.. I sit beside him and grab the picture and look at it.. Its us sitting at the beach.. the day befor he broke my heart.. He looks like he is about to cry so I just kiss him.. And say its ok Harry that was us back then his is us now

*flash back*

MAKENNA GET YOUR ASS IN HERE my mom shouts at me.. I scream and yell and cry then she comes in my room and grabs my hand and slaps me so fucking hard.. Harry was suppost to come over that day but i called him and told him he couldnt he asked if I was ok i say yes and we hang up.. Later that same day my mom goes to the club and gets drunk and she dies in a bar fight.. I didnt cry when i heard i was kinda glad but sad.. But i moved in with my dad and his girlfriend.. She didnt really like me so she abused me untill i moved out my dad didnt find out untill he came home early and saw her beating me.. i cryed for hours and hours in my bed room listing to her saying she didnt.. and that was my first time EVER cutting..

*Back to normal time*

Harry fell asleep while i was playing with his curls.. and i fell asleep too.. I woke up to Harry putting his arms around me like i was going to leave.. So I just laid my head on his chest.. I felt protected and safe from any harm.. I felt like he was the one but some wear it felt wrong like he was going to hurt me agin.. But he changed.. I think im falling for Harry Edward Styles.. the one boy who hurt me but  also makes me feel perfect and makes me feel beautiful.. Is he the one..

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