Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


3. meeting the band!

So i met the band today!! But i didnt know Harry was in the band and he didnt no i was the person doing the music video! It was so weird and it was a bad day to wear skinny jeans tube top and heels!! He was drooling over me and i giggled.. But everone eles is really cool!! Niall is in the band too!! Its been forever since i seen kalli this happy.. But I think he's the one for her..

I've been haging out with them lately their really cool and funny!!! But the bad thing is i have to share a room with Harry.. WHY THE HELL couldnt it be louis,Zayn or liam.. But I no its weird in their becasue i forgot my pj's and had to wear Harry's clothes it felt like the old times</3 .. I miss them.. We have to share a bed too..

I laid down and Harry came in a few hours later..

Aww louis look at her sound asleep Harry said.. Welp good night Louis harry said too

                                                                                         Kalli's POV

Aww look at them to love birds!!! Imma take a picture!!  Kalli your gonna wake them up Niall wisperd Makenna is the world's heaveyest sleeper!! I mean look how cute Harry's arm is around her and her face is in his chest<3 PLZZ Niall can I plz just one or 5!!! Fine Niall said

                                                                                           Harry's POV

I wake up to the smell of bacon.. I remember bacon is Makenna's fav. food.. I open my eyes to see my arm's around her waist and her smiling and her face in my chest.. Never seen her this happy.. After the break up! She wakes up and just looks up and starts blushing.. oh how cute she is when she blushes! Oh im so sorry Harry She says as if she was perparing for a hit on the face.. what has happend why did she always wear long sleves or jackets.. I just grab her in a big bear hug and hold her intill Zayn comes in and says food is ready!!!!  she looks so sad with out makeup and has brusies on her face.. WAIT bruses who hit her or what!! Makenna why do you have brusies?? I fell down the stares the other day.. she looks down and startes to cry.. Makenna dont cry baby im here for you.. as i pull up her sleve she screams!! I look up at her of what i just saw its horrible!






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