Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


9. Kalli and Niall

Kalli and Niall 

Kalli and Niall Have been going through rough times.. Niall found out Kalli USED to cut.. He flipped out on her and said things he souldnt of had said.. LIke " if you wonted to die so much then why didnt you kill yourself".. Niall tried hitting her but Louis walked in at a great time.. To stop him.. Niall and Kalli still share a room but Niall is really depressed and so is Kalli.. She crys herself  to sleep now.. She's a wreck she doesnt eat very much anymore she doesnt come out nor get picture perfect only if she has to.. She wears alot of her old clothes from last month that are huge now.. But for Niall he is a wreck to like he doesnt function anymore.. He's like a puppet who's broken.. He doesnt smile anymore.. Hisbright blue eyes are now bright red from crying.. After he proforms he goes and crys intill the bus is here.. I feel so bad :( Like I dont know what to do.. I miss the happy old her not the sad Kalli.. But i think they will work it our.. Last night I went into their room to find Niall's arm around Kalli's waist and kalli smiling.. I havent seen it in forever I just wonted to scream of how cute it was..

*later that day* 

Niall grabs Kalli and just holds her their for a while intill he says sorry and they makeup.. And then something AMAZING happend.. 

Kalli  I love you so much... Niall says and as he gets on his knee and pulls out a sliver box and askes Kalli will you be my Mrs.Horan? 

Kalli looks down and just nods no words come out of how happy she is.. 

Kalli has never been happier intill now!! 


Sorry guys its not the best but the next one will be.. 

Im tired and sad right now so imma go to bed and hopefully not cry tonight.. will good night lovelys XOXO





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