Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


2. How it happend

Well.. I didnt see what he saw in me back then because  i wont the prettest girl trust me

I had brown hair and blue eyes NOT THE PRETTEST..   I only cared about grades but i was on the cheer team captin not braging are anything.. But me and Harry where close friends near the end of school.. We went out for 2 years but then he broke my heart! But i got over it...

I worked as a model but then i quit since i didnt like my work status.. But now i work as one of the higgest music video creators.. And Im making a video for a guy band named One Direction... Never heard of them but some of them are cute.. Oh I skiped most of high school so im 17 BAM im smart.. Haha but my bestie will be helping me with them!! cant wait!! oh her name is Kalli we met at college She's 1 year older then me but were very close like two peas in a pod!!

We've been friends forever.. But back to how this stuff happend.. Will we say each other 8 months ago.. He didnt no it was me intill his friend said "ayeee Makenna" I was like wtf and i turned around to see Harry wide mouth open!! mabey it was because i lost weight and dyed my hair black with pink highlights and got my braces of and now im tan.. Will he didnt look to bad but he is still the same old heart breaker.. He wonted my number but i gave him the bird and me and Kalli laughed and walked off.. As we drove to my house he was following us!! So we let them in and Kalli and Niall hooked up and still are together aww!!! so sweet right?? But it was so akward between us.. Like all we said was hi yeah ok bye!!! BAHA imma bitch

will he broke my heart but anyway... He texted me the other day and said"hey baby wanna meet up" I smiled and blushed but said hell naww



Will hoped you enjoyed this ch. BYE LOVE U i gotta go out and eat :/

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