Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


12. hate

The hate started and it killed me to know the band was losing fans from me.. Im not worth it but I do love Harry.. I do.. I wouldnt hurt him... The boys and I are on the bus sitting together chatting.. I check twitter and read hate~ your a whore go fucking die bitch...~~ noone would care not even harry~~ no one loves you bc ur a 2 faced fuckin whore!~

I drop my phone and run to the bedroom and just cry and cry..

 Harrys POV

She drops her phone and runs to the bedroom.. The boys just look at the door and hear crying.. I grab her phone and look at her twitter reading all the hate and shit.. It pisses me off when people say that stuff when they dont even know her! If she died I would cry and cry!! I love her.. I do..She's my everything I would be so lost without her!!!

Louis POV

I just see makenna run to the room and hear crying and Harry looking at her phone.. He's mad you can tell by the look in his eyes.. I hate seeing makenna so sad bc shes been through so much!! But the fans only care about us not who's in our life.. Harry's my mate and Makenna's my little sister *not really* Zayn just looks so lost.. I get up and go into the bedroom where I see Makenna looking at the ground crying her makeup is everywhere when she hears me she snaps her head up and stops crying and wipes her eyes and says 'ill be in their in a bit ok lou?' I dont leave I just sit down beside her.. She looks down and starts to cry and says.. "lou I dont see how you guys put up with me since Im making you lose fans!! I mean they hate me" Makenna they dont hate you the dont care about whos in our life the only care about us.. They dont care if where happy!! They just like us and like our music.. THey dont care who makes us happy they will hate on anyone..


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