Old love..

Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..


14. Africa..

We arive in Africa at 7 P.M. Its dark outside so when we got their we just fall asleep.. we wake up at 6 A.M. To go outside and play with the kids.. Its so sad knowing they have probley watched one of their family members die.. And then them not knowing if their going to live or die.. Some dont talk of what they have seen happen! I just wish I could take them home..I wish know one had to suffer like they do.. 5 Year olds die it just so sad!!

I watch as the boys set up for their little consert.. Its so sweet.. Niall and Zayn cry of what they had seen.. Its so sad!! Like noboys deserves this!! One day it will get better!! Africa has great kids!! they've been through alot but still hold up so strong!! even with or with out a mom or a dad.. I love everyone of them!! Its so sad I said it alot but its just is!!! I've cried at night and harry's just held me.. I wish I could give them the life they wonted.. but one person cant.. Mabey 6.. Mabey one day it will be 100000000000000 people to help them!!!


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