Movellas King and Queen

Do you want to win the title of Movellas King or Queen? It's like the X-factor or The Voice but this time it's the Movellas Factor or The Writer.
There will be mentors and contestants. 5 Mentors. 30 Contestants. Only the best of the best will win.
Do you think you have The Movellas in you?
Give it a try, don't be shy.
Mentors will be choosing the contestants they want to mentor and the contestants just have to write.
Good luck :)


11. Realism. Prompt lines. BEGINS NOW.

These are prompt lines provided by your mentors :) You do not have to use the line YOUR mentor creates, but instead anyone of the prompt lines. You DO NOT have to choose one of these prompt lines because I know some like to create their own ideas. :) This just helps people who have no idea what Realism is or what to write about it. But please it has to be under the genre of Realism and posted on Movellas and with a link to the story in the comments.


Nina :) - When I was younger, my life couldn't be anymore perfect. I had parents that never argued, a brother who was always there for me, and a best friend who swore we would be best friends forever. Then everything changed. Just like that.


Diego <3 - When my dad died I thought my life was over, but when I mom died I knew my life was over. Me and my three younger brothers separated. But now I'm being moved again, to somewhere strange. It's big, and looks a bit like prison. My care-worker tells me it's the best place for someone like me. I don't believe her. 


IceCreamGirl - Bullying had always been a problem for me. Of course, I understood why they hurt me. I was worthless, a waste of space. I deserved everything they threw at me. But today was the day everything would change. 


Rawrz - I'm like one of those old pairs of shoes that you throw out. Who knows what my parents are, or who they were, I could be a princess stuck in an orphanage! All the other orphans say I have an imagination too big for my little size; but really, all I want is to create until I level up to the world. My one secret? I want to run away form this rundown old orphanage, and prove that I am a princess.


B.Anonymous - "Why can't we be like those birds, Jem? Those ones that fly up there, happy and free- they don't have a care in the world, do they? Look at them. Look at them. Bound to no man. All happy and careless and free... I feel like they're taunting me, Jem. I really do. They're judging me from the treetops, laughing at me because of... Because of what I've done. Oh Jem! The birds... the bird..."


Sorry if I've misspelt any words, Movellas forbids copy and pasting, even for comments so I had to look back and forth to type it. The competition FINALLY BEGINS! After all this time! After all the waiting....

Scottie mentioned in the comments about 7 hours ago that it was Sunday... but on Facebook and Twitter Movellas was reminding everyone of the little time they had to polish up their writing for the Sony Young.... Competition thing. So I didn't post it up till now. But I still kept my promise. I'm posting it up on Sunday. It's only 11:55pm in Canada. Sorry to British/Americans or people in other countries... but I'm going by EST time ;) 


Mentors... Thank you for the prompt lines! They all sound amazing! 

Contestants.... You'll have one week (maybe two if it's not enough) to write a maximum of a 3000 word short story. Unlimited chapters but please don't go over 3000 words. The mentors will have a week to decide and choose who they are dropping. We don't want to give the mentors an overload of work!


As well... it's optional for the mentors to have groups for their team so they can discuss ways to improve and ways to beat the other teams! (In the nicest way possible....)

Ha! 2 minutes till midnight. I'm still on time. ;)


First short story due: Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 11:59.

Get writing. Best of luck. -KellyG



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