Movellas King and Queen

Do you want to win the title of Movellas King or Queen? It's like the X-factor or The Voice but this time it's the Movellas Factor or The Writer.
There will be mentors and contestants. 5 Mentors. 30 Contestants. Only the best of the best will win.
Do you think you have The Movellas in you?
Give it a try, don't be shy.
Mentors will be choosing the contestants they want to mentor and the contestants just have to write.
Good luck :)


7. Just a message.

Hey, so i've updated both the mentors and contestants chapters. Please take a look to see if your movella is in there. I'm going to be posting this message:


You are now a contestant on Movellas King and Queen.  Please confirm that you are up for the job.  To confirm this offer, please add your movella to the official group. or search up "Movellas King and Queen." Thanks In Advance :)     To every contestant so they know they are in the competition and that they are in for the job. To confirm it... as stated above... please add your movella to the official group. Search up "Movellas King and Queen," in the group section. Both mentors and contestants must complete this task.  As for the mentors... please do not start commenting in the group topic posts just yet. I'll be posting the last 3 contestants and the last mentor tomorrow. Then the choosing shall start.   Bye for now :)
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