Movellas King and Queen

Do you want to win the title of Movellas King or Queen? It's like the X-factor or The Voice but this time it's the Movellas Factor or The Writer.
There will be mentors and contestants. 5 Mentors. 30 Contestants. Only the best of the best will win.
Do you think you have The Movellas in you?
Give it a try, don't be shy.
Mentors will be choosing the contestants they want to mentor and the contestants just have to write.
Good luck :)


3. Jobs/Definitons of being a Contestants.

When the mentors get together to pick a genre, you just wait for it to be announced, easy enough.

Using the movellas you've provided, the mentors will pick who they want on their team. The mentors will let you know or I will let you know who choses who by announcing it in a chapter. 

Then you write a short stories no more than 3000 words. As many chapters as you need but 3000 words is the maximum. 

The mentors must choose one person from their team to say good bye each week. 

In the last round, the contestants must write one last short novel, but it can have a maximum of 8000 words. You will get 2 weeks to do so. 

A finale will happen when time comes. 

To be honest, the biggest job is for you to write. 

Good luck.

Author's Message:

Amazing how many of you guys are participating! Since there are more mentor applications than contestant applications, I will offer people who want to be a mentor the choice to be a contestant if they are not chosen. Very intriguing movellas so far :) Thanks for 14 likes! We shall get this movella known so we can have a wider audience. 

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