Shine for Me

When Mia meets Harry for the first time, things change. Her life is made into something beautiful. She's living a real life fairytale, or is she?


1. Let Me Be

Mia's POV

 It was a warm, sunny day. Dew was sparkling on roses in the garden and birds were chirping all around. This was the only real beauty of my life. The rest was a nightmare. After being abused by people at school, I started to cut. I couldn't help myself. I was useless, worthless.


 Nobody ever liked me. I was an outcast. Every time we did a project with a friend, I sat alone. If I was forced to be someone's partner they would tell me, "I'll do all the work, just pretend I never talked to you.". I was a loser, no one wanted to be friends with me, better yet, talk to me. I always sat at the end of the lunch table alone. No one bothered with me. Each day people tripped me, laughed at me, bullied me. I was impossible to like.


 Each time I went home my parents were no help. Whenever I would tell them that I was bullied and abused, they would laugh and tell me to grow up. Grow up? Did they not know how badly I got injured? Grow up is not what YOU as a parent should say to YOUR child.


 I just needed someone that would like me. Someone who would say they loved me and lie. A real love, someone I could hug, kiss, snuggle up too. That's just an impossible love story for me though. I wasn't attractive at all. Unless you called curly brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin pretty. There was one boy, in my whole life, that asked me out in 8th grade. He was pretty cute. His name was Harry. If only I could find him again. I could actually have someone who loves me.


 The bullies didn't stop. I told teachers but that only made it worse.


 School was a real life torture cell. I was awful at math and failed many times. I've had a tutor since I was in middle school. That's about six years. Tutors didn't even help. I failed almost every test. I somehow passed the grade though. The school must of noticed how hard I struggled. So, they just let me pass. That won't work in college though.


 I just want someone who understands.

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