help me

This story is about a girl who's father is a rapist and a murderer. Her mother helped her dad solve the problem but once she died of illness. It all broke down. Now she has no where to go and is now scared of every one will she find safety or even a life with love?


2. finding me with help

it was a man but i didnt know who he was so i backed off.

"its ok" he said in a british ackcent

i said nothin. he walked up to me. he could tell im scared. 

"i wont hurt you" he said "now why ae you all packed up and what happened to your arm and ankle?"

i still said nothing

"come wit me" he said 

so i followed and he lead me to this big, white, house. i walked in and there were more boys there. i stopped. they all were staring at me.

"whos this?" this blonde hair guy said in a irish ackcent

" i found her in the medow. and she was hurt and scared i wanted to help" he said smiling at me.

he lead me to the couch and i sat down. i acually felt kind of safe.

"can you please tell us what your name is at least?" this guy said with alot of hair.


"logan" i said quietly 

"nice name" this one guy said with black hair with blonde highlights

i just sat there and the boys were talking then they turned around and looked at me and smiled.

"now dont be scared but tell us what you were doing?" said the guy that found me i heard his name was liam.

"yes" i said quietly "my dad..." i stopped i didnt want to tell them "sorry but i cant tell you" 

"what about your mom?" he asked

i looked at him in the eyes he had pretty eyes, but thinking about her made me cry, i could feel tears going down my face.

"did i say something?" he asked

"no, my mom died a couple of years ago" i said starting to sob

he wipped the tears away. "im sorry"

"its ok you didnt know"

'im sorry though"

"i have a question, how did you know about the medow i thought no body knew about it?"

"i was walking one day just to calm down i went into the giant busshes and trees and i found it"

"oh,well i go there every day to mainly get away from my dad"

"what is wrong with your dad/" this one asked wearing a stripped shirt

"now i feel comfterable, well my dad was a rapist/murderer but when my mom meet him she wanted to help him with the problem , she helped him with it so he stopped but when my mom died he broke it and now he is doing it and sometimes he murders the women and he was going to rape me but i got away  but i know hes looking for me and he will murder me" i said having tears come down my face and saying it really scared

"its ok we will help to protect you" liam said

"thanks" i said

"your welcome beautiful" 

when he said that i blushed but smiled aand hugged him

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