help me

This story is about a girl who's father is a rapist and a murderer. Her mother helped her dad solve the problem but once she died of illness. It all broke down. Now she has no where to go and is now scared of every one will she find safety or even a life with love?


1. escaping

i was in my room talking to my friend and my dad came in with a woman and looked at me with his look. 

"dont " he said in his deep, scary voice. 

i know what he was doing. he was a murderer/raipist and then he met my mom and she helped him stop his problem, she wasnt scared but she died of illness. then it all went down. he hasnt rapped me yet but im scared he will one day. so i shook my head yes and they went to his room. i always hear screaming and "NO!" and trying to escape from his room by opening the door. so when it starts i leave the house and go to this medow that no one knows about. i sit and i pray for my father to fix his problem. and when i get home i sometimes see my dad carrying a garbage bag and  know what that means. i get so scared i sit in my room and dont say a word. 

i go to bed for school. i wake up and get dressed and pack my stuff eat breakfeast. and head out. i walk to school sometimes but i feel like riding the bus today. i sit with my friend. 

"why are you so quiet?" she asked

"oh no reason , i guess tired" i say

i do not let any body know what happens at home. or else i would be dead. literaly! i was thinking about what might happen at home. 

i walk home from school. i always go to the medow to do my homework. 

when i came home my dad was sitting on the couch and said

"i have been waiting for you" and he was messing with a knife

"are you going to kill me?" i asked him scared

"no sweetie you are my daughter i will never kill you im being honest with you"

"ok" i said getting ready to go upstairs

" but" he said i froze. i was scared. ' you know what i want, now go change" he said

oh no,no,no! he wants to rape me. at least i have a bag packed but clothes for a week but i have $150 packed. i went upstairs, grabbed it. 

" be in the room in two minutes i have to go to the bathroom" he hollard upstairs

this is my chance. i ran down the steps and out the door with my bag, book bag, and i had a jacket on. i ran to the madow. 

after a couple of hours in there, and crying i heard someone coming. i stopped and grabbed my bags and getting ready to run. i turned around and it was............

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