The star of something new

one direction split up, it seemed as the right thing for everyone, or so they thought, Niall went through alot, and when he meets this girl, he feels something he's never felt before, but he can't show it, no.
he tries to get the band together, but it isn't that easy when one of them is a criminal, and they al hated harry, and never, ever, expected to talk to eachother, It just goes all wrong.
This isn't how it's supphose to be, i shouldn't fall inlove, the lads shouldn't be hatin' eachother, it's just so .. not us, what happend to them...


1. chapter 1.


"Thank you" liam said. His voice pained "For everything you've done for us"

Niall nodded and stared into the audience, tears stinging the corners of his eyes "for being here whilewe did what we love. Thank you for staying the tough times and loving us with youy heart."

"We love you" harry continued, the spotlight hiting hisface perfectly as he admired the thousands of fans before him, "You guys made our journey amazing  and somethung that we'll never forget" The boys nodded, tears rolling slowly down their cheeks.

Zayn stepped forwards, losing his normally calm compusure "you're all beautiful. You're all amazing and you're our fans"  the crowd fell silent  as Louis stepped into the front. "It's so hard to leave all of yo... it's hard to end this and leave the boys but we have so many beautiful memories. So many perfect reminders. So many perfect reminders of how perfect our lives have been."

The boys formed a group hug, crying into each others arms as they finally realised that it had been their last preformance as One Direction. They turned to the audience and kissed their fingertips, raising them to the audience and waving slowly, smiling through their tears. They brought the microphones to their mouth and each inhaled sharply.

"Bye... we were One Direction" The stage became completley black and a hushed silence fell over the arena, the screen above the stage lightning up. '

"I'm Harry Styles"

"Liam payne"

"Zayn Malik"

"Niall Horan"

"Louis Tomlinsson"

As their X-Factor performance flashed on the screen the boys stood backstage , staring sadly at the screen before them. The clips slowly faded to darkness again, the boys turned to eachother , a silence falling across the room.

"So this is it?" niall asked with his voice cracking.

Harry nodded, quickly wiping away a tear.

They hugged each other for what seemed like forever, unable to let each other go before harry adjusted his curls and walked to the door, waving goodbye to his 4 bestfriends , his 4 brothers. Louis followed, along with zayn and finallt Liam , leving Niall to sit on a guitar amp. His fingers drummed on the side as he stared at the ground , his tears falling quickly. 

"Forever young" He quietly san as his tears fell , "I wanna be... forever... young."

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