rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


10. Love rat.

Niall's holding a party for all his celebrity friends, I'm dreading this so much. I've met all of the boys and Eleanor but meeting others that don't really know me doesn't really float my boat. "Hey hun!" I walk down stairs to see Niall watching telly on the sofa. " hey princess! Are you looking forward to tonight?" He doesn't bother to turn round to talk to me but I don't really want to pull him away from scooby doo. "Yeah it's gunna be good, can't wait to meet some of your celebrity friends!" I add a sarcastic tone to my voice but I don't really think he notices. "I'm off to get ready now hun it's only it's hour till every one comes!" I make my way up stairs, tonight's going to drag slowly ....

I slip into my black cocktail dress, it hugs all my curves Niall says it complements my 'figure'. I turn the curlers on at the switch, I can't find my foundation any were at all so I decide to go all 'natural'. (At the moment my face looks green bot natural) Iapply some mascara and blusher then brush my hair ready to curl. When I'm finally ready I walk down stairs to see all the boys and some other guests have arrived! DING DONG ! I turn round to open the door and standing there was a person I seem before. Taylor swift. She's such a little slut, urgggh Harry loved her but she just walked all over him. She doesn't care about any one but herself. "Hey I heard there was a party! So here I am!" She stepped inside while speaking licking her heels off as she came in. "It's invitation only THANKS." I don't think she got the message I was trying to put across. "Oh I brought some wine too and oh I've brought some vodka too! I'm guessing the parties in here?" With that she skipped off in the living room leaving me stood there with her wine and vodka. God that little slut will stop at nothing. I didn't bother running after her to be honest I really couldn't be arsed with the hassle, I took to bottles placing them in the fridge and took a glass from the self.

I wasn't feeling too good at all, my stomach gurgled and my head span. I was green and covered with sweat, suddenly my stomach lurched and the content powers through my body. I stumbled up the stairs, my hand firmly over my mouth holding it all in. As soon as my head hung over the toilet the content flowed out of my mouth making me splutter sick across my dress and all around the brim of the toilet. I'm guessing the only place for me tonight is my bed.

I wake up around 2am music blasting out down stairs god I must be missing all the fun! I walked down the stairs dodging coats and beer cans as I go. They're all still in the living room dancing away partying like crazy, but I can't see Niall any where! I look around the kitchen and all around the dining room, even under the stairs but he's nowhere at all. Suddenly I feel a cold draft tickle across the back of my neck, the patio doors open. Niall must have gone outside with zayn or someone so they don't have to be alone while having a fag. "NIALL?" I open the door wider and peek my head round, the warm air outside tickles my cheeks. I scan round the decking to see if I can see any one stood around. Nobody! Then I see it Niall and someone else are stood kissing! My stomach lurches
Once again but this time anger rises instead of my breakfast. He's stood with Taylor! My eyes well up, tears trickle down my cheeks. "HOW COULD YOU!?!" My voice loud and clear. I slam the door so hard the glass shatters, I charge through the dancing people and sprint up the stairs. This was one big game to him, no love no nothing. Just one big game, I slip in my jeans and wriggle on my jumper. Ramming all my clothes into my suit case, game over. He's won I'm going back to where I belong. The music down stairs stops and shouting begins, Niall's back from outside. Taylor probably with him. I through on my coat,scarf,gloves and hat and charge down the stairs my suit case scratching the wall as i go. Giving bangs as loud as thunder as it hits each step. With each bang more people gather at the bottom of the stairs, I don't care what people think any more I just wanna go home. When I finally reach the bottom, Harry looks at me with a look of confusion on his face. "What's happening?!" "Why don't you ask mister love rat over there?!" I point to Niall as he pushes through the crowd. "You... You don't understand." He mumbled. "YES I DO YOU LIED TO ME YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME AND YOU NEVER DID! I HATE YOU NIALL HORAN." Tears steamed down my face, I slipped on my converse and opened the door. "GOODBYE NIALL..."
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