rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


5. Hurting

I wondered round the house for a while last night I didn't realise how big the actual house was the up stairs had a massive bedroom with a games room and bathroom leading off it. The bedroom was easily twice the size of a normal large bedroom . I decided I couldn't keep Niall waiting I had a wash and quickly added some makeup to my face. I walked along the room in my under wear I new Niall wouldn't come up stairs so I wasn't bothered. I pulled out my joggers and top I slipped them on, they fitted so perfectly he guessed my size brilliantly! I turned round and put Niall's jumper back on. I started to walk down stairs, half way down the stairs i stop Niall's talking to someone I go into the kitchen and turn the kettle on. He's on the phone to someone "Niall??" I yell. "I'm in here!" I turn round and pick up the kettle SHIT. I drop the kettle as it slips out of my hands gushes of hot boiling water hit my front! The heat burns my skin it fucking kills! "Niall!!" I scream so loud my throat aches. "What's wrong ?? What's happened" he comes running in his face scared and worried. He looks at my t-shirt and guesses straight away! "Get it off now before it burns you!!" I start pulling my t-shirt up over my head I wince with pain, every movement I take kills only me this could happen to only me.

Soon I'm stood there with only my bra on my top half, tears pick in my eyes I'm in agony. My stomach is red and blotchy white circles cover the worst areas. Niall stands there biting his lip. "I don't know what to do with you, your not severely hurt but your in pain." His voice is soft and caring. "Don't worry, I'll be fine. honestly!" I give him a half hearted smile just to show him. "Let me take you up stairs you look like you need to lie down ..."
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