rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


13. home sweet home ....

 I stood in Niall's arms for another 3 minutes I loved him so why did I do that to him? He was drunk and I get that but why do I find it hard to forgive him? Maybe I need to slacken off a little Taylor's a slag and will stop at nothing to get anything she wants. URGH that bitch. “I’ll go get my stuff then?” I looked up at Niall, I love the way his eyes follow your every move. “yeah ok I’ll come and help?” we walked up to Niall and grabbed his hand. We walked upstairs hand in hand trying to trip each other up as we went. I hadn't really had any thing out in the past day so every thing was pretty much in my bag. “what would you say about making our relationship public?” I turned round to look at Niall I’m actually shocked that he'd think that. “errrm yeah if you want to!” I’m finally allowed to tell every body about where I live and who I love. Once I've finished he carried my bag down stairs, “we're going!” he shouted into the living room. “BYEEEE” I opened the door as I slipped on my shoes. “home I guess!” saying the sentence made shivers slip down my spine. Home sweet home ….

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