rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


15. happy families


Finally after running for a whole 20 minutes running in nothing but my onsie and shoes I reached the path to Eleanors house. I ran up the gravel way up towards the door banging frantically till she answered. “Eleanor! Eleanor!” I banged on the door once again. “I'M COMING!” As she opened the door her face described every thing. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PLAYING AT!” she spat at me. I tossed the test into her hands tears fell down my cheeks. “oh rachel …. you better come in.” she reached out and gave me a hug. “What am I going to do?” I said as we sat on the sofa. “Well you are going to keep it?” ….. “arnt you?” I’ve never agreed with abortion and never will so getting rid of it seemed wrong. “No I'm keeping it!” “ Well what's your problem then?” “The last time me and Niall well you know... had it was a month ago.” “yes and?” “The take me home tour starts in a month, that means I’ll have the baby while Niall's on tour.” “oh...” Niall's put so much into the tour having the baby means that he'd miss the birth and maybe even have to travel without us. I'd hate to make him choose us or the tour, it would kill him. “Are you going to tell him?” Eleanor broke the silence, he hands wrapping around mine. “ No not yet not until I know for sure.” Her eyes followed my every move, looking me up and down. “I think you should rachel.” “No not yet I need to find out, Eleanor will you come to the doctors with me?” “I suppose so but you better tell Niall straight after! I'll go ring my private GP I’ll take you this after noon....”


she booked an appointment for one o'clock this afternoon, I’m sat here waiting for my appointment. I'm actually shitting myself for the truth. Eleanor looks more nervous than I do. “What ever happens I’m here for you!” says as we walk over to the ultra sound room. I'm greeted by Doctor Khan who places me on the chair. “right this is going to be cold” he says reassuringly as he smothers the cold blue liquid across my stomach. Right let's see if there's a little one in there, I wince at the term little one. I hold my breath until he finally turns away from the computer screen. Knots tie in my stomach, my heart pounds in my head.


“I'm glad to say your EXPECTING!”


My stomach drops, I sicken with the reality that I’m going to be a mother. Tears fall down my cheeks as my hands cover my face. “I'll always be here for you no matter what!” Eleanor whispers in my ear. Niall... what the hell is Niall gunna say?

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