rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


24. good bye my love ....

 Niall's POV -  I wasn't drunk at all I just pretended to be I couldn't face walking on to the hospital seeing her when it's all my fault she's in there.  I thought I got away with I when Harry rang me the fist time but when he rang me again I realised I hadn't. I didn't answer I let it go to answer phone. 

"Niall get your arse down here now! The baby's dying and your girlfriend could too. You prick she's going into theatre in ten minuets get your arse down here now or you will be sorry. It's your fucking child and girlfriend that's dying not mine!" His voice broke at the end he's right. What sort of a boyfriend am I? 


In half am hour I was sat next to Harry in the corridor waiting for her to come out, both of us cried but didn't say anything. Until Harry's phone rang. He came back a few seconds later saying that Zayn's stuck somewhere and he needs picking up. I nodded. He went and I was alone.  




She's been in there for an hour now all I can do is pace up and down and wait for her to come out. Deep breaths escape from my nostrils as my stress levels increase. The dream we've been living over the past few months has shattered. When she comes out of the operating room it will be her and only her. Tears trickle down her cheeks as I see the doctor walk out of the the room. Blood all over his colthes. "Your girlfriend will be out shortly, sorry for your loss." His face as sorry as his tone of voice.




I'm  sat next to her bedside holding her hand, her pulse is slow. In the car crash many of her internal organs have been serverly damaged. Dani's out of intensive and she's making a full recovery. But rachel on the other time is expected to struggle. Every ten minutes I give her hand a tight squeeze to show I'm still there. Many fans are messaging me on Twitter asking me if the news on the telly was true. I keep ignoring my phone, trying to concentrate on the little time I may have left with her. Every breath she takes sounds more beautiful. The nurse walks in and stands next to me. Her hand placing it's self on my shoulder.

"We've been montioring her condition and her heart rates been slowly dropping. She's dying Mr Horan. We've tried but we can't save her, the only way she's been kept alive is by her life support." Each word hits me like a bullet.

"I .... I understand. Is she In any p....pain?" The words hurt to much to say.

"It's your decision to either keep the machine in or turn it off, the pain she is experiencing is only equivalent to a head ache." "

"I'll do what's best for her, when would you turn it off?" Tears run down my cheeks. "Now, are you sure?" "Yeah I'm sure, what ever pain she's in I swore to her I will make disappear. I want the best for her."

"I'll go get the main head he will assist the operation." She walks out leaving me sobbing. When she arrives she brings a tall man in a large white robe. "

"Hello mr Horan, I'm doctor Mal I will be witnessing the termination of the life support please if you have any last words please speak?" I knod back and stare at my loving girlfriend.

"When you leave my side you won't be forgotten, you will never leave my heart. You and our baby will be up in the sky looking down on me, I love you both and the day I come to join you will be the day that will make my life complete. You will live for ever in the heart and mind of your loved ones. You will never be replaced never. What is my life without you? I will make you proud I promise. I love you Rachel and our baby I love you too. Where ever I may be what ever the weather you'll be in my heart. I love you ....."

With that I knod at the doctor, the switch is flicked.

"Life support terminated at 16:45. Time of death 16:46." He writes on his forms and signs then passes the pen to me. "Please collect your belongings abd stand out of the room. We need to prepare the body for the transport to the undertaker."

"Goodbye my love.... gone but not forgotten." I


I run out of the room into the waiting room and completely break down. People stare at me fron all angles, nurses come up to me and try to give a little reassurance. What can my life be now? My life is pointless without her I'm pointless. "You should probably be ring your friends? " I stand up and pull my phone out of my pocket. I call harry. Bring ...... bring .

"Hiya Nialler! What's up? "

"They're.... they're dead."

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