rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


12. Betrayal

We got back to Harry's an hour later, driving through London we got rush hour traffic. The rain carried on pouring down, patting on the roof making a soothing sound. Jesus my heads killing more brain freeze than any thing else. Opening the door into Harry's house I actually realised how big it was compared to Niall's it had a gym, swimming pool, 2 massive bedrooms both with on suit bathrooms. The kitchen and living room attached then a dining room at the back of the house. I'll take your stuff to your room, I followed him upstairs towards the spare room. It's so spacious and roomy. Every things nicely decorated and neat, it feels so weird to sit on the bed or use a towel off the rail. Every thing looks like it's not ment to be touched. I undressed as soon as Harry left the room. Pealing my wet clothes off my skin, rising them after. I ran my self a shower, washed my hair then jumped out and put my joggers and jack wills top on. As soon as I looked at myself in the mirror tears flooded down my cheeks. Niall bought me these 2 weeks ago, the day when I finally realised my love for him. I fell on my bed, hiding my face in the pillows. I let go of my senses my throat burned, I cried so hard my lungs tingled. Knock knock .... "Hello? Can I come in?" "Yes okay then." He opened the door and stepped in quietly. "He's down stairs they all are." He mumbled. "What!?" My voice rised with anger. "Niall and the boys and Taylor they're all down stairs. My eyes gave him looks that could kill, of only they could. "YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER FORCE ME!" "They heard me on the phone to you Niall heard me." My face burned bright red, my breaths grew deeper and deeper as my anger rose. I stood up and began to march down the stairs. I couldn't control myself. I opened the door to see every one sat around the sofa Liam, Zayn and Louis sat at one one sofa. Taylor and Niall on the other. Tears streamed down Niall's face his eyes red and sore. A part of me inside died inside of me and then another part was frilled that he actually felt guilty. I slammed the door behind me to make sure they realised I was there. 50 seconds of awkward silence passed until Niall broke the silence. "I don't no what to say." "Don't say anything then!" I completely snapped. " I was drunk I didn't know what is was doing, I'm sorry I really am." "Zayn was drunk but he didn't shag someone!" The words stung making tears fall but I had to carry on. " it wasn't like you think." He started to walk towards me my eyes followed him across the room. "What was it then? A little fling? It didn't seem like it! God I was so thick to actually think you loved me!" His hands grabbed my face making me look at him. "I do love you!" " what about your little dog over there?" My hand pointed towards Taylor, she stood up and ran towards me. "I don't have to listen to this!" She yelled. "I know you don't you silly little whore. Get out of my way before I slap you silly." She glanced a look of death to me and grabbed he coat and left. "Naill save your breath I loved you and played me like a fool." "But....but.... I love you!" Tears slid down his cheeks, his eyes glued onto mine. "I love you too." The words came out of my mouth so fast I couldn't think of the consequences. His hand grabbed my waist pulling me towards him, my hands wrapped around his neck. Our lips slammed together. This love was ment to be this love was real ...
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