rainy nights.

Rachel's Niall's lead backing dancer who's loved him ever since they met, when niall confesses his love to her will they keep their locve under wraps? But at a late night party things turn out of hand. Will Rachel learn to love again? or will the hate and hardship drive them apart?


18. acceptance

Niall's POV-

"I'm pregnant!" The words hit me hard. "You can't be! You can't be!" I looked at her sobbing in the floor, she hated the idea if having a child more than I do. Why was I being so selfish?

I knelt down towards her reaching for her hands. "Are you sure? " I tried to keep my voice calm but I don't think I fooled her. "I went to the doctors yesterday to make sure and they said I'm 2 months on." A lump formed in my throat as u digested the words she told me. I'm going to be a dad and nothings going top stop that.

"I'm here for you Rachel, I'm not going desert you I'm never going to leave you. I love you both!"

I squeezed her so hard my hands ached. I could feel her heart beat, the murmur of her soft breath. I love her and I suppose i love OUR child. "Shall we go down stairs and tell the others?" " Let's just get it over with." Lets hope the boys take it better thank I did ....

Rachel's POV -

"I'm pregnant guys!" I tried to put a brave face on plastering a fake smile across on cheeks.


"Congratulations!" Zayn and Liam yelled.

"Get in there Niall!" Harry exclaimed.

I guess everyone took it well, better than Niall did any way. He took my hand a squeezed it loosely, I grinned my fake smile. The next two months are going to be hard.
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