This is my entry for the poetry competition.All these poems are ALL original.I don't want people to think I stole somone's poem.


3. Ireland


M is for Munster in the south west

I'll go tip tap in Tipperary

I'll clap in Clare

I'll eat a lime in Limerick

I'll go kookoo in Kerry

I'll watch Dad pull at a cork in Cork

And when I'm done in Cork I'll stop for some water in Waterford



C is for Connacht in the west

I'll see some gulls going "Gal!" in Galway

I'll have some mayonaise in my sandwich in Mayo

I'll do some sliding in sligo

I'll fix a leak in Letrim

And when I'm done in Letrim I'll see some common sights in Rosscommon



U is for Ulster in the north east

I'll tie a knot in Tyrone

I'll meet a man in Fermanagh

I'll go into a caravan in Cavan

I'll look at a picture of the Mona Lisa in Monaghan

I'll join the army in Armagh

I'll go down a slide in Down

I'll watch some ants in Antrim

I'll say "Kerry rhymes with Derry." in Derry

And know my final stop is Donegal and I'm done in Ulster.



L is for Leinster in the south east

Our car is stuck in mud in Carlow

I'll take a photo of the spire in Dublin

I'll play truth or dare in Kildare

I'll go to the kilkenny shop in Kilkenny

I'll put a leach on my dog in Laois

I'll read a long story in Longford

I'll listen to some loud music in Louth

I'll say "See what I mean." in Meath

I'll jump off a trampoline in Offaly

I'll say"See what I mean in the west."in Westmeath

I'll  melt some wax in Wexford

And now that I'm done with my all Ireland trip I'll light the wick of a candle in Wicklow


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