The Change....

I’m the type of kid who makes tons of mistakes, but never learns from them. I never cared about the consequences, or what it would do to the people around me. I did whatever made me happy in that moment. But then, I found him. The only thing I cared about. He is my world and every second I seem to love him more. I stopped getting in trouble and everything was perfect. But, nothing gold can stay…..


2. The Dream

"I will never turn dark!” I scrammed at the shadow, which was pulling me in. “Aha, but you already have. You can’t stop your destiny.” The voice was calm, yet at the same time driving me insane. Nails on a choke board would be more applying. Everything was coming to an end. As the flames around my motionless body grow higher, so did the shadow, which was eating me alive. I could feel the burning of the flames that was ever so lightly touching my skin. The voice crawled through my ears. “You can’t stop something that, was never your.” Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw it. The voice now had a body. The body was slim, no taller than I was. Its hair was long and straight. Sliding down its back, as it walked towards me. Red, blood red lips and though it had just eat human blood. “I will never stop fighting!” I yelled at it. I probed myself on one elbow. Slowly trying to get up. In a second, it was over my body grabbing my neck, pulling me down into the darkness. I gasped for air, but I couldn’t breath. My eyes burned and watering up with blood and tears. Its nails were digging into my throat, piercing every vein. Which was causing me massive blood lost. My eyes rolled backwards. My hands dropped from its hands. And then my body went numb.

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