The Change....

I’m the type of kid who makes tons of mistakes, but never learns from them. I never cared about the consequences, or what it would do to the people around me. I did whatever made me happy in that moment. But then, I found him. The only thing I cared about. He is my world and every second I seem to love him more. I stopped getting in trouble and everything was perfect. But, nothing gold can stay…..


1. Prologue


Have you ever love someone so much, that you would do anything to protect him or her? Well, that’s my story. I’d do anything to protect him, even if I means sacrificing myself. Nothing matters when I’m with him. He takes the pain away and he gives me hope. It’s almost as if, we are the only ones on earth. It seemed as if, he was meant for me and I was meant for him. But that all changed on my 13th birthday. Everything changed. I couldn't control what was happening to me. How it was breaking us. And on that day, I swear I would do anything to make sure he would be safe. No matter what, no matter how many people died, how many tears I cried. He will always be safe.....

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