Mouth Shut

You can't help me. No one can. You want to know how I got here?


1. The Story

You can't force someone to do something - especially me. The worst part of being stuck in the middle is not knowing what to do. Beth and Shannon. Two fiesty girls. Both fighting over some boy who dosent even notice them in the school halls. He's my friend, he knows me. We once shared a kiss at the end of year disco but never said a word the next day. Of course Shannon and Beth don't know this but I secretly like him. Owen's cute,smart funny and he plays guitar! But the thing is, if I go on any side the other will pounce like a hyena. I'm the glue who's keeping this from going physical but if I do anyhing it will. That's the dilema. Owen is oblivious to all this but he knows half the girls in school likes him and the worst part? We all go to boarding school

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