Mouth Shut

You can't help me. No one can. You want to know how I got here?


2. Problems

I wake up the next day feeling well rested but I know it'll be different this evening. I share a dorm with Chloe Valerie who dosent like to be noticed so the only social thing we do is greet each other. Well I'm the one that does the greeting, she just nods and carries on munching her cereal quietly. I get dressed into the drab school uniform and nibble a peice of toast. I'm not hungry ; I never am. I guess thats what being stuck in the middle does to you. The old mechanic school bell goes off at exactly 9:00 so me and Chloe stand up simultaneously to go to class. I have maths - great(!).


A few hours later and it's lunch but I don't eat anything. Word is that Beth and Shannon were called to the Head's office but then were fighting verbally infront of the Head so they're both going to detension until the end of term. I go to the front field and I see Beth playing with her finger nails. 'Sup Beth' I say. It was our thing to say 'sup' but we havent said it in ages. Beth just gives me a half hearted smile. 'No TV, shopping or going out is whats up' she says tiredly. No going out for her is like fish without water. I can see she is let down by all that's going on but she does say that she can go to the Hallowe'en Dance if she is back in her dorm by 8:00. Bummer. We then stare at the field until we see Owen competing in his Cross Country trials. He smiles at our direction but I can't quiet make out who to. 'I can't keep this in any longer but you have to promise me you won't tell anyone,' she commands excitedly. At that point I didn't what I was going to hear out of the blonde's mouth.

'I walked up to his dorm to say that I loved him but guess what happened.'


'He kissed me! Not just a peck but actually full on then we went to his bed ....'

'What you actually lost your viginity! Beth, you're only fifteen! You must been out of your mind to do such a crazy thing ...'

'No, he just to a dip in the pool not fully dive in I guess'

Now she is really out of her mind. How can she do this? She has rights. Owen has rights. I still cannot believe he could do this to me. The bell goes off signalling the end of lunch. I guess I was saved by the bell but I still have to keep my mouth shut.

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