Mouth Shut

You can't help me. No one can. You want to know how I got here?


3. Falling

I half walk half run to geography later, my mind racing of recent events. Why? When? I sit in the back row so I'll be out of view as Henrey Vile's head is that big. Shannon trails to her seat beside me so we could talk. I'm not even sure I want her to. All I want to do is jump off the vast balcony and fly but images of red liquid and blood turn up so I try my best to pay attension although it is hard when you know someone like Shannon sitting beside me. 'What?' I ask more harshly than wanted on the fifth nudge.'I've got to tell you something.' Great. That's all I need.'There's something in Miss Halie's drawer.' I look over to the skinny teacher and see her reach for her desk drawer to retrieve a pencil for Corie Whyte.

Miss Halie screams.

'Shannon, what have you done this time?'

'You'll see.'

Miss Halie picks up a cow brain. Vessels and all. The whole class looks as if they're about to puke, all except Shannon. She smirks behind her geography book as Mr Wroth; the Head. walks in. You could tell by his name how furious he is. 'Who did this to Miss Halie?' he booms. 'Beth did.' Shannon says in a sing-song voice. I didn't even know she was in this class but I soon found out as everyone turned to the front row.

'Can I see Shannon and Beth outside for a moment please.'

Shannon and Bet stand up simultaneously and walk to the hall where Mr Wroth is pointing. I feel as if my stomach is falling because someone pushed a large rock down my throat. Why should I feel guilty? I havent done anything wrong. All I can do is keep my mouth shut to keep the school from breaking apart.


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