Life, stages,attachments.


1. Stability

As a child I loved

beautiful sunsets and colourful rainbows

played in moonlit nights

danced to musical notes.

No other thought crept in to my joy.

In my budding youth

I held my home dear

adored books and friends

cherished platonic love.

Nothing else came to my mind.

As a grown up I shared my life

with the Love of my life

care and concern

duties and responsibilities

priorities  in my mind.

Not a single problem diverted my devotion.

Now I am old and alone

Life is stagnated

mind is tormented

worthless thoughts

irrelevant to actions.

I have all the freedom

nothing but boredom

Last chapter empty

nothing to write.

Time has come for me

to accept the life the way it is

graceful retirement to the background

keeping the spirit strong.

I have one single thought

that over rides others

that I did my part well

with full integrity.

In everyone's life

when one looks back

there is something to be proud of

something to be content about

when one did justice to the inner voice.

That is the walking stick

to continue the journey of life

to the end with the mind stable-

the goal a little service to society

within one's capacity.






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