Trust (Harry Styles fanfic)

(COMPLETED) "When I try to forget him, the memories just keeps coming back. His curly hair, he's smile, and he's beautiful emerald eyes. Everyday he would say 'I love you'. But does he really mean it? Or is it just part of his little game? The moment I looked into those beautiful eyes, I knew that he was trouble the whole time. Ever since I found out about his little game, my world started falling apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school become a fairy tale, then could turn into a whole nightmare. I guess you really cant trust people here huh?"
This is a story about an innocent girl, named Lexi. She starts dating one of the most popular guy in school, Harry Styles, her whole life changes. But when she found out about Harry's 'Little Game', her world started to fall apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school would change her whole life.
Find out more on "Trust". (There are some chapters that contains mature content. please beware of that.)


5. Party (Part 1)


Lexi’s P.O.V

I called Jenny to come over tonight, and we are gonna get ready for the party together. I still haven’t picked out what to wear. I usually just throw on some skinny jeans and a shirt.

“Hey Lexi” Jenny said opening the door.

“Hey Jenny, I still can’t find what to wear” I said.

“No problem. I bought some clothes” Jenny said, holding a shopping bag.

“Oh thanks”

Jenny and I straightened each other’s hair, and she did my makeup. I wasn’t really planning to wear makeup, but Jenny said that I should try, at least once. I was wearing black eyeliner, with white shimmery eye shadow in the inner corner of my eye, black mascara, and pink lip gloss. I was wearing a purple top, black skinny jeans, and purple high heels.

It looked like this:

I looked in the mirror, and thought, “Wow, it’s beautiful”.

“You look beautiful” Jenny said, putting my hair into one side.

“Thanks. You don’t look bad yourself”

We went downstairs, “You girls ready to go?” My brother asked. “I thought you weren’t coming?” I asked my brother. He stood up from the couch and said, “Well, I haven’t went to party for a couple of weeks, so, I thought I’d needed to go”

We went inside Cody’s car, I texted Harry, saying:

“Hey, I’m on my way”

He replied, saying:

“Okay, I’ll see you”

I put my phone in my purse, and we headed off for the party.


We reached Ty’s house, and I knocked on the front door. He opened the door, “Hey guys, enjoy the party” We stepped inside, Ty’s house was filled with people, dancing, drinking, and some people passed out on the floor. I saw Harry nearby the table, drinking. I walked over to him, “Hey Harry” I said. He looked at me up, down, and up again. He took my hand, and spun me around. “You look beautiful” he said with a big smile, showing off he’s dimple. I took couple of drinks, but I could still think straight. “You wanna dance?” he offered a hand and we went on the dance floor.

A slow song came on, Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, and wrapped my arms around he’s neck. “You’re amazing Lexi” he lifted my chin up, he studied my face for a moment, “I think you’re amazing too”. Pulling me closer to him, he kissed me, I kissed back running my fingers through his curls, he slipped his tongue out, exploring my mouth, and I explored his. We pulled away, and we touched each other’s head. Whatever people have said about him is diffidently not true. He is a really nice guy. My brother and Jenny’s thoughts about him were wrong. I never really felt this way about guy. No guy really fell for a girl like me. I always thought guys like Harry; fall for the most popular girls in school.

 (Hey guys, sorry for the short chapter. Part 2 of this chapter would be coming soon. If you guys are not understanding the story, please tell me, and let me know what you think about this story. Comment, like, and favorite)



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