Trust (Harry Styles fanfic)

(COMPLETED) "When I try to forget him, the memories just keeps coming back. His curly hair, he's smile, and he's beautiful emerald eyes. Everyday he would say 'I love you'. But does he really mean it? Or is it just part of his little game? The moment I looked into those beautiful eyes, I knew that he was trouble the whole time. Ever since I found out about his little game, my world started falling apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school become a fairy tale, then could turn into a whole nightmare. I guess you really cant trust people here huh?"
This is a story about an innocent girl, named Lexi. She starts dating one of the most popular guy in school, Harry Styles, her whole life changes. But when she found out about Harry's 'Little Game', her world started to fall apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school would change her whole life.
Find out more on "Trust". (There are some chapters that contains mature content. please beware of that.)


1. Lexi Scott



I was sitting at the classroom reading my chemistry book while everyone was staring at the clock, while waiting for the bell to ring. It was one minute till the class was over, some people were throwing spit balls at couple of nerds, some were talking about how boring the class is, and some just kept staring at the clock. I’m Alexis Miranda Scott. But people call me Lexi. I’m 17 years old, I have brown hair, olive green eyes (It appears to be hazel at some times), and I live with my older brother Cody. You see, my mom is an actress/model, and my dad is a director. Both of them travel around the world so I don’t really get to see them often. You may think that I’m one of the most popular girls in school, but that is a big fat no. I’m one of the shy girls in the background, who never raises their hand in class, and who never goes to parties and get drunk like most of the people do in my school. I’m not like my brother Cody, who is one of the most popular jocks in school. He plays soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and he is one of the stars in the football team. I and he get along pretty well, but when it comes to school, he hangs out with his own group. Most of the popular girls here are the cheerleaders, the dancers, and the volleyball players. All of them were in shape, had perfect tan, and get their hair and makeup done every day. Whereas I, I’m really skinny (like a toothpick), wavy hair, and I don’t wear any makeup. The bell rang, and I headed to the football field to watch Cody play.

I sat down in the benches and grabbed a book from my bag. Most of the girls here, only watch football to stare at hot guys. I mean, seriously? Okay whatever. So I closed my book, and watched Cody instead. They’re football practice had ended, and Cody started talking to some of his team mates. I put on my earphones, and listened to my Ipod. I looked up to see Cody, he caught me staring, and then he smiled. I smiled back, then opened my book and continued where I stopped reading. Then I heard someone yelling, “Scott, if we lose the next game, this would be your entire fault!” I looked up to see who was yelling at my brother, it was the quarterback, Harry. He was tall, muscular; he had curly hair, and emerald green eyes. Every girl in school would literally, go crazy over him. He was the most popular guy in school, and people would say that he was the biggest flirt. What I’ve also heard from people that, he dated twelve girls this year and most of them didn’t even last for a week. They finally had stopped talking and Cody got up from the benches and probably went to go and change. I noticed Harry waved and smiled at me, but I ignored that, and went back to my book.

Harry’s P.O.V

Football practice had finally ended, and I was exhausted. I sat in the bench, and breathed really hard. Our football game is coming up soon and I don’t want to mess it up. I’m the quarterback and I shouldn’t mess up. After my conversation with Cody, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the game that is coming up. If we lose, all of us are all going to put the blame on him. I just don’t like that lad. I stood up, then I looked over at the benches, and saw this beautiful girl. She looked a little bit like Cody, but she was hot.

“Dude” My friend Peter said. “Who’s that girl over there?”

 “She’s hot bro” Peter said.

“Yeah she is” I said.

“Oh, her name is Lexi Scott. She is Cody’s younger sister” My friend Ty said.

“Dude, seriously? You gotta be kidding me” Peter said acting a little surprise.

She was reading a book, then she looked up, and I waved her and gave her a smile. She ignored me and went back to her book.

I walked up to her and thought that I’d introduce myself.

“Hey” I said, smiling.

“You’re Cody’s sister right?”

She looked up to me, “Uh yeah” She said.

“I’m Harry”


“Lexi! Let’s go!” I heard Cody yell from behind.

“Umm I have to go my brother’s waiting for me”

“I guess I’ll see you around” I said and then winked.

I walked back to Peter and Ty, smiling. “How did it go?” Ty asked.

“It was a short conversation” I said.

“But do you think she’s the next one?” Peter asked.

“Of course”

You see, I’ve dated about twelve girls this year. They didn’t really last long. Actually some of them didn’t even last for a week. The longest one I had this year was the last one. But this girl is definitely going to be the next one.

(Hey guys, I hoped you like the first chapter. I'm trying not to make Harry all "jerky" so please don't post any hate comments about it. I hope it doesn’t confuse you, and please comment, favorite, and like. And no rude comments please.)

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