Trust (Harry Styles fanfic)

(COMPLETED) "When I try to forget him, the memories just keeps coming back. His curly hair, he's smile, and he's beautiful emerald eyes. Everyday he would say 'I love you'. But does he really mean it? Or is it just part of his little game? The moment I looked into those beautiful eyes, I knew that he was trouble the whole time. Ever since I found out about his little game, my world started falling apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school become a fairy tale, then could turn into a whole nightmare. I guess you really cant trust people here huh?"
This is a story about an innocent girl, named Lexi. She starts dating one of the most popular guy in school, Harry Styles, her whole life changes. But when she found out about Harry's 'Little Game', her world started to fall apart. Who knew dating the most popular guy in school would change her whole life.
Find out more on "Trust". (There are some chapters that contains mature content. please beware of that.)


8. Got your back


Lexi’s P.O.V

I hear the football coach yelling at my brother and Harry. I was wondering why the coach was yelling at my brother. Did he do something wrong? I heard him say that he is gonna be kicked off the football if he repeats something again. “What’s wrong with your brother?” Jenny asked. “I really don’t know” I said. Harry walked in the cafeteria, holding he’s lips, which is kind of bleeding right now. Then Cody came up to me angry. “Lexi, may I speak to you? Now” I stood up, “What happened? What did you do to Harry?”I asked. “The question is Lexi, What did you and Harry do last Saturday night, at the party? Didn’t I tell you not to trust him? Didn’t I tell you not to even get closer to him?” he said, firing questions at me. “Please, don’t yell at me like that” I said. “I’m sorry, I know I should’ve listened to you.” He never really yelled at me like this. In fact, he never really yelled at me at all. “I told you that it was all just a game, Lex. I didn’t want you get hurt, and now look what happened! If you would’ve listened to me none of this would have happened!” Tears started to form from my eyes. He stormed off, angry. I turned, and sat back down with Jenny. I sighed, and looked down, at the floor. When I put my head back up, I noticed a girl, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she was short (maybe around 5’1). I think, I recognize her from the football game. Oh yeah, she was that cheerleader, who Jenn pointed at. She was a very pretty girl. “Hey, I’m Andrea” she offered her hand, and I shook it. “Take a seat, if you want” I offered. “Thanks” she said. “No problem” I said. “Your Lexi right?” she asked. “Yeah” I said. She probably heard about what happened. “Look, I know how you feel. Just don’t let them get to you. I’ve been humiliated before because of Harry. That guy is a jerk. What I’m trying to say is, no matter what I got your back” She said. I smiled, and wiped off the tears from my eyes. 


I turned on my laptop, and went to twitter. I had a lot if hate, and some people were making fun of me. One said, “You slut, you deserve a guy like him”. The other one said, “Looks like the virgin had fun last night. I quickly turned off my laptop, and crawled up into a ball, and started crying. Why do they need to do this? Why did I ever trust Harry?

2 weeks later

I logged in at my twitter account, and people were still posting hate, on my profile. It was all filled with hate. Its been two weeks ever since that thing with Harry happened. Every day, I would end up crying. It just hurts really badly. And I can’t stand it. 

(Hey guys, sorry for the short chapter. The reason I wasn’t able to publish last week, cause I was busy with school, and I needed to improve my grades. So I’ll publishing every Thursday. By the way guys I am gonna publish an IM5 fan fiction pretty soon. If you guys never heard about them, go check them out. They’re pretty awesome.)

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